60 common life tips

informal essay five thousand six hundred and ten 13 years ago (2011-03-01)

1. When you eat something hot, you feel that it will be hot to death. Put a little salt in your mouth, contain it, spit it out, and rinse your mouth;

2. The teeth are yellow. You can chew peanuts and put them in your mouth and brush your teeth for three minutes, which is very effective;

3. If there is a small area of skin damage or burns, apply a little toothpaste to stop bleeding and pain immediately;

4. The cup that often contains tea leaves ugly tea stains and is washed with toothpaste, which is very clean;

5. Open your mouth slightly when nodding the eye drops, so your eyes won't blink randomly;

6. If you have ulcers in your mouth, stick vitamin C on the ulcers. After it dissolves, the ulcers will be basically cured;

7. If there is a little dust in your eyes, close your eyes and cough hard, the dust will come out by itself;

8. After washing your face, gently massage both sides of your nose with your fingers dipped in some fine salt, and then rinse with clean water. Blackheads and acne will be removed, and pores will become smaller;

9. When you are just bitten by mosquitoes, you will not itch when you apply soap;

10. If the throat and gums are inflamed, cut the watermelons into small pieces at night and eat them with salt. Remember that if it is at night, the symptoms will be alleviated and the next day will be better;

11. The hair dryer blows at the label. When the label is hot, the label can be easily torn off;

12. If you are afraid of pressing wrinkles when carrying clothes, you can roll every piece of clothes;

13. Drink some vinegar when burping and stand up to see the shadow;

14. If you eat something with peculiar smell, such as garlic and stinky tofu, just eat a few peanuts;

15. For the treatment of cough, especially dry cough, before going to bed at night, fry eggs with pure sesame oil, put a little more oil, do not put any seasoning, and go to bed after eating hot, even after eating for several days, the effect is obvious;

16. If a MM with a thick wrist wants to wear a thin bracelet, he should not wear it hard. He should put a plastic bag on his hand and then wear the bracelet, which is very easy to wear and will not hurt his hand. The same method is also used to remove it;

17. Chestnut skin is hard to peel. First peel off the shell, and then put it into the microwave oven to rotate. After taking it out, rub it while it is hot, and the skin will fall off;

18. When arranging flowers, drop a drop of detergent into the water, which can last for several days;

19. Steam walnuts in a pot for ten minutes, take them out, put them in cold water, and then smash them to take out the complete walnuts;

20. Put the shrimps into a bowl, add a little refined salt and edible alkali powder, rub them with hands for a while, soak them in water, and then rinse them with water to make the fried shrimps transparent Such as crystal, tender and delicious;

21. When frying meat, first soak the meat in baking soda water for more than ten minutes, pour out the water, and then taste it. It will be very tender and smooth after frying;

22. Soak residual tea leaves in water for several days and pour them on the roots of plants to promote plant growth;

23. The residual tea leaves can be dried in the sun and burned in the toilet or ditch, which can eliminate the odor and drive away mosquitoes and flies;

24. Reheating of raw rice: stick some holes in the rice directly to the bottom of the pot with chopsticks, sprinkle a little yellow wine into the rice and stew again,

25. If only the surface is sandwiched, just turn the surface to the middle and stew;

26. Skillfully remove the greasy screen window: put the cigarette butts left after washing clothes and smoking in water, and use them to clean the glass window and screen window after they are dissolved. The effect is really good;

27. As long as a small piece of chalk is placed in the jewelry box, the jewelry can always keep luster;

28. The adhesive mark on the table and bottle surface can be wiped with essential balm;

29. When going out, always carry a small dry battery in the bag. If the skirt has static electricity, wipe the positive pole of the battery on the skirt for a few times to remove the static electricity;

30. No matter where the shoes rub your feet, you should apply a little white wine on the place where the shoes rub your feet to ensure that you will not rub your feet;

31. When mixing vegetables, if you have to blanch them, you'd better use the water to blanch them. For example, when cooking dumplings, the boiled water can be put in the meat stuffing in an appropriate amount, which not only ensures nutrition, but also makes the dumplings stuffing delicious;

32. Feet are prone to sweat in summer. Soaking feet in light salt water every day can effectively deal with sweaty feet;

33. Sunshine after swimming in summer can prevent skin strain and other diseases;

34. In summer, pillows are prone to damp and mold, and frequent exposure to pillow core is beneficial to health;

35. Eating more Job's tears and bean porridge and other damp and invigorating spleen can prevent heatstroke and dampness;

36. Prevention of insomnia: Don't talk too much before sleep, avoid drinking strong tea, don't use your brain too much before sleep, and wash your feet with hot water and vinegar;

37. Honeysuckle has the effect of evacuating rheumatism. Honeysuckle can be cooled by boiling with water and mixing with honey to relieve summer heat;

38. Eating too fat food After drinking tea, it can stimulate autonomic nerve and promote fat metabolism;

39. Lack of sleep will lead to stupidity. You need to sleep eight hours a day. Having the habit of taking a nap can delay aging;

40. The hands are easy to become dry and rough. Soak the hands in vinegar for ten minutes to protect the skin;

41. Wipe the mat in summer. Wipe the mat with water dripping with toilet water to keep it cool and clean. Of course, it is best to wipe along the lines of the mat, so that the dew can penetrate into the cracks in the lines of the mat, so that the cool and comfortable feeling will be more lasting;

42. Eat more acidic vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and citric acid for breakfast, which is good for nourishing the liver;

43. When refreshing and relieving itching, washing hair or taking a bath, add five or six drops of toilet water in the water, which can play a very good role in cooling, removing bacteria, eliminating prickly heat and relieving itching;

44. Grape contains sleep assist hormone, and regular eating helps sleep;

45. Drinking more tomato soup in summer can not only obtain nutrients, but also supplement water. Tomato soup should be cooked and cooled before drinking. The lycopene contained in tomato soup has certain anti prostate cancer and myocardial protection effects, which is most suitable for men; Eating acidic substances and brushing teeth immediately will damage the health of teeth;

46. When the skin is broken due to trauma, the wound is coated with toothpaste to diminish inflammation, stop bleeding, and then bandaged. As a temporary first-aid medicine, medicated toothpaste has the most significant effect;

47. Spray white vinegar on the cutting board and wash it after half an hour. It can not only kill bacteria, but also remove odor;

48. Drinking yogurt can relieve the irritability after drinking. Yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, delay the absorption of alcohol, and is rich in calcium, which is especially effective for relieving the irritability after drinking;

49. If the leather shoe foreskin becomes moldy after being put for a long time, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) solution;

50. In case of headache and dizziness, you can apply toothpaste on your temples because the toothpaste contains menthol and clove oil to relieve pain;

51. After the candle has been frozen for 24 hours, insert it on the birthday cake, and the candle oil will not flow when lit;

52. The white clothes and trousers are easy to turn yellow after washing. Take a basin of clean water and drop two or three drops of blue ink. Soak the washed clothes and trousers for a quarter of an hour, do not wring them dry, and then put them in the sun to dry, and they will be white and clean;

53. Eating too much raw onion and garlic will stimulate the mouth, intestines and stomach, which is harmful to health. It is better to add a little vinegar before eating;

54. Timely replenish water, but drink less juice, cola, sprite, soda and other drinks, which contain more saccharin and electrolyte. Drinking too much will cause adverse irritation to the stomach and affect digestion and appetite. Therefore, you should drink more plain water or light salt (sugar) water in summer;

55. Rub your face with tofu every morning for a few minutes. If you persist for a month, your face will become very moist;

56. The temperature difference in the air-conditioned room should not exceed five degrees. Even if the weather is hot again, the temperature in the air-conditioned room should not be below 24 degrees;

57. Enzymatic detergent powder needs longer decomposition time in warm water to achieve better laundry effect;

58. In summer, people's activity time becomes longer, sweats more and consumes too much energy. They should eat more nutritious foods such as chicken, duck, lean meat, fish and eggs to meet the metabolic needs of the human body;

59. When you have a headache, grind the apple into mud and apply it on the gauze, and stick it on the headache, the symptoms can be alleviated;

60. If there are stains on the leather bag, it can be wiped with cotton dipped in essential balm.