How to create a space folder or file

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stay Tuoyuan It was mentioned in previous articles How to hide folders However, the method is not unique. Today, Tuoyuan gives you two other methods, namely, the method of creating non space folder names.

In previous articles, it was mentioned that using ALT+keypad numbers to implement non space characters to implement space folders (that is, not displaying folder names). Here are some commonly used AISIC codes:


Alt+159 Ÿ  

Alt+160 ¡  

Alt+161 ¢  

Alt+163 £  

Alt+164 ¤  

Alt+165 ¥  

Alt+166 ¦  

Alt+167 §  

Alt+168 ¨  

Alt+169 ©  

Alt+170 ª  

Alt+171 «  

Alt+172 ¬  

Alt+173 ­  

Alt+174 ®  

Alt+175 ¯  

Alt+176 °

stay How to hide folders In, we use ALT+160 to implement a folder without a name. Some people will say that ALT+160 in the above list is not a space, but ALT+173 is a space. It is indeed observed very carefully, but through experiments, we found that ALT+173 did not type a space when naming a folder, but underlined "-". Only ALT+160 is a space browser The space is ALT+173 when creating a game name.

So, today I will teach you the second way to create a space folder is CTRL+BACKSPACE.

After creating a new folder, press F2 or use the mouse to rename the folder. If you are not sure, press CTRL+BACKSPACE to display the folder with spaces, which is the same as ALT+160.

The method of creating a space folder is not the same. The third method is slightly complicated, but also simple: after creating a new folder, rename it and delete the original name, then right click "Insert UNICODE character" where the cursor is, select LRM, etc., which has the same effect as ALT+160.  

Why is that? Let's study its principle.

Alt and the numbers on the keypad can form characters, so they should also form Chinese characters.

Let's first look at the following three groups of figures:




What will you see after the experiment? Yes, these three words are“ Tuoyuan Network ”。

In fact, the principle is very simple. It is nothing more than the process of converting Chinese characters from hexadecimal to decimal. The hexadecimal code of "Tuo" character is 62D3, the hexadecimal code of "Source" character is 6E90, and the hexadecimal code of "Net" character is 7F51.

Therefore, after converting the above three hexadecimal codes into decimal, they are "25299", "28304" and "32593". Use ALT key and keypad to input these decimal digits together, and then output: Tuoyuannet.