Teach you how to buy a car and a house in 5 years

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If your monthly income is only 2000 yuan, you can live well. I'll divide the money into five parts for you. The first is 600 yuan, the second is 400 yuan, the third is 300 yuan, the fourth is 200 yuan, and the fifth is 500 yuan.

The first is for life Fees. Such a small living cost can only be divided into ten yuan a day. For breakfast, a boiled rice, an egg, and a cup of soybean milk. Chinese food is a fast food and a fruit. Have a small kitchen for dinner, cook some rice, add two dishes, and have a glass of milk before going to bed. The food for one month is about 500-600. However, if you are still young and haven't had too many health problems for the time being, such a diet will prevent you from having health problems for several years.

The second is to make friends and expand your interpersonal circle. This is ample. Your phone bill can cost 100 yuan. You can treat twice a month, 150 yuan each time. Who will you invite? Remember, people who have more thoughts than you, people who have more money than you, and people you need to be grateful for.

Every month, you should insist on inviting guests. After one year, your circle of friends should have generated value for you. Your reputation, influence and added value are improving. Your image is good and generous.

The third one is for learning. Every month, there are 50-100 yuan to buy books. Money is not much, buy a book to read carefully, learn to use the spirit of learning. After reading each book, turn it into your own language and tell it to others. Sharing it with others can improve your credibility and enhance your affinity. The other 200 yuan will be saved and trained once a year. Never stop. When your income is higher or you have extra savings, you can attend more advanced training. Taking part in good training can not only make friends with like-minded people for free, but also learn the truth that is difficult to understand at ordinary times.

The fourth one is for travel. You will be rewarded to travel at least once a year. The growth of life comes from continuous experience. To participate in a free travel and stay in a youth hostel, the earth is not very big. You can go out every year. After a few years, you can put the red flag on the map. Many beautiful memories become the driving force of life. You will have more enthusiasm and energy to work.

The fifth is for investment. It can be saved first, then it can be invested in the stock market, or it can be used as the capital of purchase. Small business is very safe. Open an account on Taobao and go to wholesale some things to sell. The loss is not much anyway, and the gain is not only money, but also confidence, courage, and experience of doing things. When you earn more money, you can start to buy a long-term investment plan, so that you can get a long-term guarantee in advance, and ensure that you and your family will have sufficient funds to take care of whatever happens in the future, and the quality of life will not decline.

Well, after one year's hard work, if you still earn 2000 yuan in the next year, it's your fault. It's shameful to live without making progress. Let's see what brand of tofu is hard. Buy some and hit it with your head.

Those with a monthly income of less than 3000 yuan must work part-time to earn money. They should not be poor. They are also very personalized and picky. They are unwilling to do one thing and have no interest in the other. The income is not high. You must be very diligent and try to find jobs related to sales, such as real estate Intermediary, this is a good part-time job. You can not only know many valuable people, but also exercise your information collection ability and marketing skills.

Clothes and shoes, you should buy as few as possible this year. It's better to buy all the money you earn from your part-time job. As a way to reward yourself. When making extra money, remember to buy a gift for your lover and thank him/her for supporting your financial plan. Tell him/her frankly why you are so diligent and thrifty, and tell him/her your dream and direction of efforts.

There are business people everywhere who need help. Do something for them on a part-time basis. Go and hone your will, eloquence and working ability. Add your conduct financial transactions Tips: In the next year, your income should increase to at least 5000 yuan. The minimum should be 3000 yuan, otherwise your income growth will not keep up with inflation.

No matter how much your income is, remember to divide it into five parts. Increase investment in your body, make your body always useful, increase investment in social networking, and expand your People Increase your investment in learning, strengthen your self-confidence, increase your investment in tourism, expand your knowledge, increase your investment in the future, and increase your income.

Keep this balance, and gradually you will start to have a large surplus. This is a virtuous circle of life plan. The body will get better and better, and get more nutrition and care. There will be more and more friends, and many valuable contacts will be stored. At the same time, you will also be able to participate in the very high-end training, so that you can be plump in all aspects, broad in thinking, broad in pattern, and harmonious in personality. And you can gradually realize your dreams, buy the house and car you need, and prepare an adequate education fund for future children.

Life can be designed, life can be planned, and happiness can be prepared. You can start now. When you are poor, you should spend less time at home and more time outside. When you are rich, you should stay at home more than outside. This is the art of life. When you are poor, you should spend money on others. When you are rich, you should spend money on yourself. Many people do it upside down.

When you are poor, don't worry about it. Be nice to others. When you are rich, you should learn to let others treat you well. They treat themselves better. If you are poor, you should contribute yourself and let others take advantage of it. Rich, you should collect yourself well, and be careful not to let others use it casually. Few people can understand these wonderful lifestyles.

When you are poor, spend money to show others. When you are rich, spend money to enjoy yourself. When you are poor, you must be generous. When you are rich, you should not show off. Life has been restored to simplicity and tranquility.

It is not a fault to be young, and poverty needs no fear. The key to the whole process is to know how to cultivate yourself, what is valuable, what to invest, and where to save. Don't buy clothes indiscriminately, buy less, but you can buy some tasteful ones. Eat out less. If you want to eat, treat. If you want to invite, invite someone who has more dreams, more thoughts and more efforts than you.

Once the money needed in life is enough, the biggest expense is to use your income to complete your dreams, to open your wings and dream boldly, to make life experience a different journey.