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informal essay four thousand one hundred and seven 13 years ago (2010-10-30)

1. My classmate is in love. Her boyfriend stood in line for four hours at the Saudi Pavilion at the World Expo. It's really changed at the World Expo life Ah!!! Single students, hurry up~

2. There will be fools to love you for me.. Breaking up aphorism~Gili!!

3. The reason why you are not Gay is that you have not met a man who makes you feel excited...

4. China's bachelor crisis will break out in 2012. The male population will significantly exceed the female population by more than 30% by 2016. The total number of singles will rise from 10 million in 2012 to more than 30 million in 2017, and nearly 40 million in 2022. Marrying a wife will be the symbol of a successful man in the future! So men, cherish the people around you! Don't work all day!

5. I think I should cherish Renren for the past two or three years. Two or three years later, friends on Renren Online will either marry or drive to become husbands, and new things will be another scene&mdash& mdash; No one sends art photos, transfers inspirational articles, and shares funny stories video The pictures of embarrassing people are the overwhelming ones of drying wedding dresses, honeymoons and babies. Two or three years, very fast.

6. The other name of introverted is Fun Sao, the other name of Fun Sao is reserved, the other name of reserved is low-key, the other name of low-key is introverted, the other name of introverted is Dan Ding, and the other name of Dan Ding is Zhuang B. Well, next time I can say that you are very introverted...

7. I found a PPMM in the library. After observing secretly for many days, I got up the courage to confess to her. Suddenly, a man said that he had observed me for several days, Khan… He said that we should give him a chance to compete fairly. Competition depends on competition, and who is afraid of who. He said he was Gay, and he liked me rather than the girl. Shit, this is GAY! Who do you like? You have to like me& hellip;& hellip; My girl, do I look like a man

8. Renren Online said that today is the programmer's anniversary, because 101010

9. The homestead man is sad: occasionally, I will hide all IMs, and everyone will not talk and the cat will not reply, micro-blog Don't speak, pretend to be me internet Besides, there is a colorful life!

10. Pupils' composition "Entanglement": I broke up with Zhong Qiujie, and now I'm waiting for Guo Qingjie, but actually I like Fang Hanjia very much, and I miss Fang Hanjia very much... But her sister Fang Shujia is more beautiful, and I like it more... But my heart has always loved Bu Shangxue, how I want to be with her forever~and of course her sister Bu Shangban.

11. Diaoyu Island, your mother calls you to go home to eat moon cakes!!!!!!!!!!

12. In the first grade of primary school, once in a quiet class, I saw the classmate sitting in front of me quietly put his hands around his buttocks, then quietly put his clenched hands out of the window, quietly opening and shaking in the wind&hellip& hellip; More than ten years have passed, and I have never seen such a public minded person again.

13. The furthest distance in the world is not the ends of the earth, not the parting in life or death, but when I stand in the bus door, you can't get on the bus&hellip& hellip;

14. The number of poor people in the United States hit a record high, one in every seven people! The US government set a poverty line income level of US $22025 for a family of four in 2008. If a typical American family of four had an annual income of less than $21954 or an individual's annual income of less than $10956 in 2009, the family would be below the poverty line. Some words are self-evident!!!

15. Everyone has a pair of wings, some people fly in the sky, some people stew in the pot, and so does the ideal.

16. I think Alipay should also be used to pay the tuition fees. The students should pay at the beginning of the school. After the class and the exam, they should give the scores, and then confirm the receipt of the goods.

17. In fact, I am a dream stealer, and my totem is a "GRE Red Book". If I open a page at random and I know all the words on it (except the first page), then I am in a dream.

18、 Beijing Liu Zhiyu, a top student in the department of mathematics in the university, graduated this year. MIT accepted him and paid him a full scholarship. Liu Zhiyu gave up going to the United States. He chose to become a monk in Longquan Temple, an ancient temple with a history of thousands of years in Xishan Mountain. It is said that Liu Zhiyu's IQ is as high as 260. In Longquan Temple, several top students of Tsinghua University have become monks here. Longquan Temple has the nickname of Peking University Tsinghua Campus.

19. "Koalas sleep for 20 hours every day. In the other four hours, they eat leaves for 2 hours and are in a daze for 2 hours. Koalas have no natural enemies. Most of them fall to death because they can't catch the tree when they are old.—— This is life! I also want to be a koala…"

20. Here comes the boy again. He has no skin and no face. He has beautiful legs and blind eyes. The professor's face is detestable. The seniors pretend to be A insidious. The canteen eats cockroaches. The lovers go out to rent a house. The phone calls for takeout. DOTA kills the monsters. The computer broadcasts Xiaokong. The beautiful women fall in love with Tang Seng. The younger martial brother seduces the elder martial sister. The seniors go out to fight wild. The professional players are pure. There is no one in the library

21. Behind every kind student, there are a group of schoolmates who discuss whether he is attacked or suffered, and behind every beautiful student, there is a group of schoolmates who discuss whether she has a boyfriend. Behind every attractive schoolsister, there is a nest of schoolboys who exclaim that she has become a wife, and behind every handsome schoolmaster, there is a group of innocent schoolgirls who are at a loss.

22. The existence of monks is to prove love It's not that important. I remember in Titanic, Leonardo said to Lucy: If you jump, I jump! In the recent Inception, Leonardo said to Mel: If you jump, I will not jump with you! Therefore, when men grow up, they no longer believe in love…

23. It's also the year when the younger students provoke the all-around elder students, the black bellied elder students stare at the sentinel, the queen's younger students seduce the all qi elder students, the ghost animal elder students torture the healthy qi younger students, the just too younger students melt the iceberg, the gentle elder students meet the awkward younger students for the first time, the general attacking younger students look up to the dull elder students, the domineering male students possess the kind male teachers, and the animal male teachers abduct the pure male students in the season.

24. Going to the United States to study for a PhD is actually the same as going to Shandong Lanxiang Technical School. Students learn technology, including accommodation, and specialize in cooking, beauty salons, driving, auto repair computer And other skills...

25. The teacher said Mendel was very persistent. After planting peas for eight years, a classmate suddenly shouted: He is afraid of zombies!!!

26. My colleague's daughter, who was in a junior high school, said that the teacher taught them: "It's OK for you to fall in love, but you must find someone who is responsible. What's the use of those who throw your hand away when they see the teacher?"

27. I have been very tired and stressed recently. So I asked a friend I had known for a long time: "How to decompress". Reply: "Right click to select WinRAR".

28. The European Union has been blaming China for its failure to crack down on piracy, because there are 7 Ferraris in China alone with 6 limited production vehicles in the world&hellip& hellip;

29. If Men's Day is 8.3&hellip& hellip; Women's Day is 3.8&hellip& hellip; Then they add up to 11.11&hellip& hellip; Subtraction is 4.5&hellip& hellip; So Singles Day and Tomb Sweeping Day were born&hellip& hellip;

30. After doing physics problems for so many years, I finally saw that the standard answer says "No". I turned back to the question with tears streaming down my face, and found that the question was "Will the water drop fall?"?