Zblog theme market in the new retail era

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At the 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference, Ma Yun said in his speech: The era of pure e-commerce has passed, and the next decade is the era of new retail. In the future, online and offline must be combined. The essence of logistics is to eliminate inventory. New retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology, new energy, these five "new" will have a huge impact and impact on all walks of life in all aspects. The traditional "five supplies and one leveling" will become the new "five supplies and one leveling". Do you have access to new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology, and new energy, Yiping is whether you can provide a fair entrepreneurial environment and competitive environment.

How to zblog theme Achieve excellent level in the field? There is no fixed answer to this question. Every developer tries to install the theme of other developers from scratch, collect a large amount of data and wikis, follow the example, optimize and summarize the theme of zblog slowly, from self satisfaction to user satisfaction, and finally enter the market in mass production.

There is no need to be at the top of many things. It is enough to be excellent. Good zblog topics vision Design and User experience It is the common aspiration of every developer to strive to be beautiful and easy to use, so that zero based users can easily use zblog topics.

There is a story about a group of children who often used their spare time to sell popcorn on the train in Harvard, Illinois.

A 10-year-old boy also joined the ranks. In addition to peddling on the train, he also mixed butter and salt into the popcorn to make it more delicious. Of course, his popcorn sells better than other children - because he knows how to do better than others, and creating excellence makes him successful.

When a heavy snow blocked several trains full of passengers, the child rushed to make many sandwiches to sell on the train. Although his sandwiches were not very well made, they were still sold out by hungry passengers because he knew how to make them earlier than others and seize the opportunity to make him successful.

When summer comes, the child designs a one and a half month shaped box that can be carried on the shoulder, carves some small holes on the side, which is just enough to stack egg rolls, and puts ice cream in the small space in the middle. As a result, his fresh ice cream cone was very popular among passengers, which made his business very popular - because he knew how to be newer than others, and innovation made him successful.

When the business in the railway station was booming for a while, more and more children were involved. The child realized that the good times were not long, and then he made a lot of money and finally quit the competition.

As a result, the children's business became more and more difficult. Soon the station cleaned up these small businesses, but he did not suffer any loss because he left early - because he knew how to do more clearly than others, and left in time to make him successful.

Can a person who is earlier than others, does well, and will retire at an appropriate time not succeed? This little boy was later Motorola company Paul Galvin, the founder and founder of.

In a short story, there are countless business philosophies. What is the size of zblog theme market in the new retail era in the future? There is no off-season market, only off-season ideas. Keep running on this road full of technology and exploration, and don't forget to stop at the right time to enjoy the scenery along the way.