Beggars on Line 10

informal essay six thousand five hundred and seventy-nine 13 years ago (2010-10-24)

Today's keywords: warm rain, corn pancake metro , bus spontaneous combustion, barber shop, tired.

Today, I talked with a customer about business. When I came back, I encountered spontaneous combustion on the bus. I got off and took the subway line 13 section. After changing the subway, I took the line 10. There were few people on the bus, which also provided convenience for beggars. The beggars who kept on going on the subway seemed to be in a deserted place, and the police ignored them outside the door. But I don't hate beggars, but I hate people who give money to beggars.

Beggars: Beggars are people who make a living by begging. They are also called beggars or beggars.

Begging: It is intended to beg for alms or relief from others. I understand it as the act of begging from others.

However, at present, the relevant laws on the problem of beggars have not been improved Beijing Beggars can be seen everywhere. When visiting Badachu last week, I saw a young beggar in the Dabei Temple. I was surprised. I thought that he would be a liar if he paid 10 yuan for the ticket. If there were such people begging in the Buddhist temple, only a bodhisattva would have charity. The state has set up special shelters for beggars, but beggars also have dignity, so they would rather beg in the street or subway than go to shelters, which has become today Sociology A big problem in rectifying beggars.

Sometimes I think fake money is very useful. Only a hateful person like me can think of giving 50 and 100 fake money to beggars. But now begging has developed into a huge industry. Seeing poor disabled elderly people begging, I can't help but feel pity. Who will track down the culprits behind this, Maybe the old people can earn hundreds of yuan a day, but they can get very little. They really hope to find out the real culprit behind the manipulation one day early.