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1. If this article is not shared with you, it is my fault.

2. If this article is shared with you but you haven't read it, don't blame me if you continue to detour.

3. If you read this article and read only half of it, you will say you have no time, which means you are already a "confused" person.

4. If you finish reading this article, you think that it is just a big story, which shows that your life experience is not enough. You need to treasure this article, go out and touch the wall for several years, come back after your head is broken and bleeding, and read it again, and you will lament your youth and ignorance.

5. If you think it makes sense after reading it, then put it on the shelf and continue to walk into the crowded metro You will still think about your future with your idea of yesterday, and your life will continue to repeat the situation of yesterday.

6. If you have read it, you feel that it is an experienced person who gives you advice on your life, and you are willing to use the ideas he told you to guide your future life It is not difficult for you to succeed. The difficulty is whether you can use the ideas in this article to spur yourself.

7. If you finish reading it, you think it is an article of advice written by an elder in his lifetime, which shows that you have similar life experience with him. As long as you continue to work hard, it is not difficult to achieve great things. The difficulty is whether you can share your life experience with others?

8. Experience determines depth and knowledge determines breadth. What is your life?

1、 About work and life

I have an interesting observation. Foreign enterprises company Most of them are white-collar workers aged 25-35. Few employees are over 40 years old. Foreign employees in their twenties and thirties are high spirited, but managers around 40 years old in foreign companies are embarrassed. Most of the foreign enterprise managers I have seen around 40 years old are constantly changing jobs, and finally most of them jump to private enterprises, for example, Tang Jun. The success of foreign employees is largely the success of the company, not personal success. Siemens is indeed bigger than Gome, but it does not mean that the Chinese manager of Siemens is better than the boss of Gome, or even far from it. However, those who enter foreign enterprises often fail to understand this early and attribute 90% of their success to their own ability. In fact, the change of general manager of foreign enterprises in China will not have any great impact on their performance. Now the question comes, when these managers are over 40 years old, their salary requirements become very high, but their talents are not so outstanding. As the boss of a foreign company, how would you choose? Some of them are smart and energetic young people who want to stand up as long as they don't have a high salary. Others are why they use you?

From the above example, we can actually see our work trajectory. When we were in our twenties and thirties, the pressure of life was relatively low, and our health was relatively good. The parents above were in good health, and there were no children below, so we didn't need to pay the mortgage, and there were no children to go to college. Being a small white-collar worker in a foreign enterprise was still very bright, and it was enough to earn less. But people will eventually get married and have children. They will eventually get old. At the age of 40, their parents will be old. They need to take medicine to see a doctor. They need someone to take care of them. They need to pay their mortgage, live a basically decent life, and raise children. At that time, it is important how much money they need to earn to spend. Therefore, when looking at work, we should take a long view. It does not mean that who is higher and who is lower at the moment.

From this perspective, I don't agree with paying too much attention to the salary of the first job, let alone the need to compare the salary of the first job, which is very common among students who have just left campus. Normal people have to work for about 35 years, which is like a marathon race. Different from the real marathon race, this race has no professional athletes, and everyone has only one chance. It should be noted that many people can not even reach the end. Most people reach the end, and only a few people run across the end. Therefore, at the beginning, it is not meaningful to take the lead. Just entered Sociology If you join a Fortune 500 company, you will probably get a salary of 3k-6k/month. Some special skilled talents may get a salary of 8k/month. But the question is, how much will you get in five years? It's estimated that 5k-10k is great. Although the starting point is high, the growth rate is limited, and the young people behind are under increasing pressure to catch up.

I asked one of my salesmen the other day. A newcomer has learned these things in two years, but the salary required by the newcomer is only half of yours. What will you do then?

Career is like a sports competition, including preliminary, semi-final and final. At the preliminary contest, everyone was just entering the society, and most of them were people of average strength. At this time, a little hard work could make people stand out quickly. So some people became managers in their twenties, some people finally won the preliminary contest later, and became managers in their thirties. Then there is the semi-final. Those who can participate in the semi-final will win the first round. Everyone has some ability and is not a problem in intelligence. At this time, it is not easy to win again. It is not enough to rely on a little hard work and seriousness. You should have a strong perseverance, know how to rely on the strength of the team, understand how to win people's hearts, and have a long-term vision

It seems that it is not easy to win the semi-finals, but it is not so difficult. Because the law of the world is to give people a little success and make people complacent. People who have just won the first round often do not know that they have won only the first round. Most people will become complacent with a little success and think that they have understood everything and do not need to work hard to learn, They will think that the reason why they can't go further is not their own. Although they are still difficult to deal with, they have no patience, no tolerance, and no clear long-term vision. Like an angry bullfight, although fierce, it will eventually lose, while the person who wins the second round is like a matador, who is not impatient, following his own pace, slowly depleting his opponent's patience and strength. After winning the semi-finals, he has become a great professional manager. He has become the general manager of small and medium-sized companies and the deputy general manager of large companies. He is in charge of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of businesses every year.
The final final is coming. To be honest, I haven't won the final yet, so I can only guess the decisive factors of the final. Maybe the winning or losing at this time is just like what is written in the martial arts novels. Everyone is a master and can only wait for the other party to make mistakes. It is impossible to defeat the opponent easily, except to use all your skills, It still needs a little luck and time. The laws of the world still play a role. The people who win the semi-finals are not just arrogant. They are often headstrong and can't listen to others. Some people become grumpy, moody and physically ill. Their biggest enemy is themselves. What they need to do in the final is not to be defeated by themselves, waiting for others to be defeated by themselves. This is the same as the sports competition. The final competition between masters depends on who makes fewer mistakes and wins the final.

2、 Root causes

Are you happy at work? How is your work?

Do you feel unhappy after working for a while? Do you think you are in the wrong line? Do you feel that you have not received the treatment you deserve? Do you feel that work is like a mess, and it is a pain to go to work every day? Do you really want to change your job? Do you think the current company is not as good as originally imagined? Do you feel that this job is not suitable for you because of the pressure of survival? Do you get what you want from your work? Are you happy every day?

There are many angry people on the horizon. Have you ever thought about why you are unhappy? Why are you angry?

In fact, the root of your unhappiness is that you don't know what you want! You don't know what you want, so you don't know what to pursue. You don't know what to pursue, so you won't get anything.

I always think that the first thing to focus on in your career is yourself. What do you want? Most people probably haven't thought about this problem, but the only idea is - I want a job, I want a good salary, I know everyone's desire for salary, but do you want to repeat the process of looking for a job every few years? Do you want to spend every year in such anxiety about work and salary? If you don't want to, think it over. Drink poison to quench thirst. Don't drink poison desperately because you are thirsty. The more anxious you are, the more you feel that you need a job. The more hungry you are, the more confused you are. The more likely you are to fail. Your experience is getting worse and worse. The next job will frown when looking at your resume. So the more you drink, the more thirsty you become, and you fall into a vicious circle. In the end, I can only lament the injustice of the world or the untimely life. I can only go to the ends of the world to vent my anger and seek a little psychological balance in the resonance of the losers. Most people have survival pressure, and so do I. With survival pressure, there will be a lot of anxiety. Positive people will get motivation from anxiety, while negative people will lose their way because of anxiety. Everyone has to make a choice under pressure. This is the world, whether you like it or not.

Generally, the things we deal with are divided into important things and urgent things. If we don't do important things, we will often do urgent things. For example, it is important to exercise and keep healthy, while it is urgent to see a doctor. If you don't exercise to keep healthy, you will often worry about illness. For another example, fire prevention is an important thing, while fire fighting is an urgent thing. If you do not pay attention to fire prevention, you should often fight fires. The same is true for finding a job. It is important to think about what you want. Finding a job is urgent. If you don't think about it, you will often find a job. Often urgent things put more pressure on people, forcing them to do things quickly. Relatively speaking, important things do not have so much pressure. Most people do things based on pressure. Under pressure, they always feel that they have to do urgent things first. As a result, they will fight the fire forever, never stop. (Many people's work is as busy and painful as a fire brigade, also because they didn't do important things well in their work.) Those friends who said that they could not care so much about living in dire straits for survival, today's difficulties in finding jobs are because you didn't do important things at the beginning, the result is not the reason. If today you still do not think because you are eager to find a job, then you may continue to suffer the consequences of finding a job in the future.

I always feel that the topic I want to talk about is a bit heavy and needs a lot of thinking, which is far more boring than the topic of Tang Xiao's fight against the armed police. However, there is no easy success in the world, and success has to pay the price. Please forget all the living pressures first, and think about what you want most in your life? So, the most important thing is to think about what you want first.

3、 What is a good job

original Microsoft Tang Jun, many young people in universities think that this is the career they aspire to. My posts on Tsinghua BBS were disdained by these students. At that time, students only wanted to go abroad or go to foreign enterprises. But now, I am right. Tang Jun went to Shanda, a private company founded by Chen Tianqiao. A highly educated returnee who earns a high salary in a Fortune 500 company is about the dream of many young people. The problem is that every year graduates are dreaming of this dream, but there are only 500 good positions.

People want to face up, and they also like to compare, even in work, whether it is what they want or not. People think that foreign companies are very good, but where is the good? Well, they are in a better office building. Is this what you want? They stay in better hotels on business trips. Is that what you want? Others will envy a job in a foreign company. Is that what you want? All that is for others to see. Why do you have to work so hard to show others? On the other hand, their salary and benefits are average, not particularly impressive. Their promotion opportunities are relatively few, and it is difficult to be a very high-level supervisor. Although they hate working overtime often, they dare not not work overtime, because "if you don't work, you have to work". In most cases, they will find a Taiwanese Hong Kong Singaporean to take care of you, And these people often have some inexplicable sense of superiority. Have you figured it out? Must the top 500 be good? Looking for a job is to consider what you want or what others want to see?

Most of my college classmates have gone to the United States, even after graduation for so many years, some have recently gone abroad. Is going abroad really that good? Most of my college students are still struggling with doctors, post doctors and visiting scholars. So far, only one of them is seriously getting a formal teaching post in an American university. Is it difficult to be a professor in China? Several of my cousins have also gone abroad. Their parents are alone in China and no one takes care of them. Several times, no one knows that people fainted at home. Is it really so glorious to go abroad? As someone said, "A lot of things are like watching porn. People who watch them feel very happy, but people who do them may not."

People always want to find the best, but what is the best? Do you think it is the best because you really know it, or because others say it is the best? Even if he is the best for others, is he also the best for you?

You should be most clear about what you want. Others' opinions are not so important. Many people are always influenced by the opinions of others, such as relatives, friends and colleagues... The question is, whose life are you going to live? People's life is not a sequel to their parents' life, nor is it a prequel to their children's life, nor is it a part of a friend's life. Only you are responsible for your own life, and others cannot and cannot bear this responsibility. I have nothing to regret for the decision I made, at least in the end. For most people with normal intelligence, there is no great right or wrong in the decision they make. No matter what choice they make, they can try. For example, if you didn't go to the school you went to, and didn't enter the current industry, you would not be able to survive in your life? Would be a failure? Not necessarily.

I think a good job should be a job that is suitable for you. Specifically, it should be a job that can bring you what you want. Maybe you should use this to measure whether your work is good or not, rather than the size and scale of the company, foreign or state-owned enterprises, whether it is famous or not, and whether it is a listed company. A small company may not be a good company. A job that makes more money may not be a good job. You still have to figure out what you want first. If you don't know what you want, you will never find a good job, because you will never see what you can't get, and what you get is what you don't want.
Perhaps, the best, has been in your side, but, you have not learned to cherish. People always focus on what they can't get and ignore what they have already got.

4、 Ordinary people

I found that there is a big difference between the Chinese people's motivation and that of foreign countries. The Chinese people's motivation encourages people to make a big wish, to learn from hardships, and to become rich and prosperous one day. While overseas inspirations encourage people to bravely face the real life and the plight of ordinary people. Although the result is to become rich and valuable, the starting point is different. Relatively speaking, I think the latter is more realistic in operation, while the former requires 999 losers to build a successful story.

We are all ordinary people. Ordinary people mean that probability is very accurate. Therefore, we will not buy 5 million yuan in the lottery, we will not become Bill Gates or Li Ka shing, we will not fall down by plane, few of us will succeed in entrepreneurship, 30% of us will divorce, and most of us will live beyond 65 years old

So please be realistic when you think about what you want. You said I want to be Li Ka shing. Sorry, I can't help you. Becoming Bill Gates or Li Ka shing depends on life. This article I wrote will never make you become them. Even if you become them, it is definitely not my contribution to this article. "The princes, princes, generals, ministers and ministers are kind-hearted." But there is only one person who really becomes the emperor, and there are not many princes, generals, ministers and ministers. Setting higher goals is good for those who like challenges, but for most ordinary people, it is easy to lose heart and give up.

Looking back, Li Ka shing is about 500000 times richer than you. Is he happier than you? Maybe. There is no one who is 500000 times happier than you. He is twice as happy as you at most, and may even be less happy than you. To find what you want is not to compete with others, to be more and higher than who, and to be more ambitious than who. Although the goal of becoming Li Ka shing is grand, you may not get happiness from this goal and the process of pursuing it, and basically you can't do it. You must listen to your inner voice and look for something that can really make you happy. That is what you want.

What you want, or what we call a goal, is not high or low. You don't need to be embarrassed because your goal is not as ambitious as others'. Achieving your goal is actually success. Success is big and small, but happiness is the same. We chase success, in fact, we chase the happiness brought by success, rather than success itself. On the way of our career, we are often blindfolded by the mentality of comparison, forgetting what we are pursuing and what can make us happier.

Overnight rich in society Journalism Many, these news will always set off many ripples in our hearts, and the more ripples become the stormy waves. The stormy waves in our hearts will not make you rich overnight except overturning the boat carrying your goals. "A thief eats meat, but he is not beaten." We ordinary people have neither the courage to be a thief nor the ruthlessness and determination to be a thief. Although we admire eating meat, we are more afraid of being beaten. Occasionally, when we see several thieves who have not been beaten, we cannot help but act, or feel unfair. We really want to call them to be thieves, but we dare not.

I still live as an ordinary person. I want ordinary people to be happy. At least, I can sleep at night.

5、 Job hopping and accumulation

First of all, it should be explained that work is a matter of reason, so don't play with personality in work. Some people may think you have personality and praise you. The gas company and telephone company will not exempt your bill because they think you have personality. When you fire your boss handsomely, when you make a cool sarcasm about hiring HR, you still have to pay the bill, but you have less time to make money, and no one suffers except yourself.

I am not against job hopping, but job hopping is by no means the solution to the problem, and the consequence of frequent job hopping is that people feel that they have no loyalty and can't work at ease. Now many people look for jobs online, and many job search websites often give people some bad ideas. You should know that they are for-profit enterprises. Of course, from the perspective of their own profits, the more frequently people change jobs, the more prosperous their business will be. So it is their job to encourage people to change jobs. So they will often tell you that your salary is less, your benefits are poor, and you are also "salary express" and "praising the free and unrestrained soul". As for whether it will make you uneasy, whether you can solve the problem and whether you are happier, they don't care.

There must be a problem when you want to change jobs. Generally speaking, when a problem occurs, you can't hide it. Many people change jobs because they are unhappy in one way or another. If this unhappy situation can't be solved in the current company, it probably can't be solved in the next company. You must believe that 90% of the time, your company is not so bad, and the company you think is good is not so good. As it was said in the besieged city, "people in the city desperately want to rush out, while people outside the city desperately want to rush in." Every company has its own problems, and companies without problems do not exist. You don't know what problems you will encounter in a different environment. Instead, you should solve the problems at the moment. Many problems may not be so difficult when you really want to solve them. Sometimes you think the problem can't be solved. In fact, it's just "you feel".

The curve of life should be zigzag and upward. Occasionally, there will be low points, but the general trend is always zigzag and upward, rather than always returning to the starting point like a pulse wave. I have seen many interviewees in their 30s, with four or five work experiences, ranging from three years to one year at a time. When they return to the starting point in their 30s, they start from a junior position and get a basic salary, Don't you think it's hard to compete with young people in their 20s? Is this kind of life easy?

I strongly disapprove of changing an industry after more than three years. Basically, before the age of 35, our survival capital depends on hard work, and the capital to survive at the age of 35 depends on accumulation, which includes interpersonal relationships and experience, People , word of mouth... If the industry is changed frequently, it means that the accumulation of several years will be wasted and everything will start from scratch. If the industry is changed twice, the accumulation will be less than 5 years at the age of 35, and a person who has not changed the industry will have at least 10 years of accumulation. Who will have the advantage? When working for 2-3 years, many people feel that their work is not going well. It seems that they have reached a bottleneck and are depressed, so they want to resign, or even change an industry. They feel that all their troubles can be put aside, which will be much better. In fact, this is just for you to start from scratch. When the time comes, you will still have the same difficulties as the original industry. After surviving, you will take a big step forward. You should know that everyone will go through this process. Everyone will encounter several bottlenecks in their career. If you survive and others do not, you will be ahead. Long distance runners will know that it is easy at the beginning, but soon they will feel uncomfortable for the first time. But after this period, they can run for a long time, and then they will encounter the uncomfortable for the second time. After persevering, they can run for another period, and so on and so on. The uncomfortable will become more and more severe each time until they can't continue. Most people can't hold on the first time. Some people can hold on to the second time. Although they can't hold on to the third time, there are few people here. This is enough capital for you to live a safe life.

When a job reaches two or three years, most people will become proficient. At this time, they will often fall into constant repetition. Many people will feel tired, and some people will feel that they have understood everything, so they are too lazy to seek progress. A lot of job hopping is because I feel I have lost interest and I feel I have finished the competition. In fact, this is just the beginning of the competition. People who have worked for two or three years, whether it is customer relations, contacts, subordinates, leadership relations, or fame in the industry, are far from enough. But people who have achieved a little will always feel good about themselves. Everyone feels that their relationship with customers is very strong, and that their reputation in the industry is very good. In fact, we can definitely say that it is not. At this time, we still need to take the initiative of the previous two years to steadily accumulate.

Do you know your customers well enough? Do you know what his biggest trouble is? Do you know your boss well enough? Do you know what his biggest trouble is? Do you know your people well enough? Do you know what his biggest trouble is? If you don't know, why do you think you have accumulated enough? If you don't understand, how can you let them help you and do what you want them to do? If they don't do what you want them to do, how can you succeed?

6、 Waiting

This is a topic that impetuous people dislike most. I didn't want to talk about this topic because it would cause too many disputes. I have no intention to argue with people about this. But considering the long-term planning of career, this is an unavoidable topic. I decided to write about it. Please leave if I don't like to read it.

Not every time you wear a red light, you will be hit by a car, not every criminal will be caught, not every mistake will be punished, not every corrupt official will be shot, not every effort you make will be rewarded, not every persistence you make will be seen, and not every effort you make will be justly rewarded, Not every good intention of you can be understood... This is the world. Well, the world is not good enough, but do you have the courage to overthrow it? If not, do you have a better solution? Many times, people need a little patience and confidence. Everyone's turn is unfair several times, and usually, waiting is the best way.

There are many times we need to wait, need to bear loneliness, waiting for the moment that belongs to you. Chow Yun fat has waited, Andy Lau has waited, Stephen Chow has waited, Faye Wong has waited, Zhang Yimou has waited... Have you ever seen their waiting and patience when you saw their successful people today? Have you ever seen Golden Horse Award winners set up stalls on the street? Have you ever seen a group of people from Deyun Society speak crosstalk to an audience in the theater? Have you ever seen Stephen Chow's character without even a line? Every successful person has a period of depressed days. I can almost imagine how they drown their sorrows in alcohol, and I can also imagine the embarrassment of their struggle for survival. In the most brilliant and beautiful days of their lives, they are eager for success, but they are empty handed, just like you now. There is no guarantee that they will succeed in the future, and their choice is to resist loneliness. If they always said at that time that "success only belongs to the privileged class", what do you think they would do today?

I didn't understand why some people should sit on my head even though they are not more capable than me. Do they have to be my leader when they are older than me? Why do some rotten people make money without hard work? Why did people make money so easily just after the reform and opening up, but when it was our turn, everything had to be standardized? One day I suddenly thought that when I was still at school, they had struggled in the society. They had struggled in the society for more than ten or twenty years. When we new people came, I wanted some of them. I was not trying to be fair, I was trying to rob. Because I have to hurry, because I can't help being lonely. Men in their twenties have no money, no career, but they have vigorous desires.

People will always encounter setbacks, people will always have low ebbs, people will always have times not understood, people will always have to be humble, these are the most critical times in life, because everyone will encounter setbacks, and most people can not cross the threshold, you can pass, you will succeed. At such a moment, we need to wait patiently and confidently. We believe that life will not give up on you, and opportunities will come. At least, you are still young, you are not in prison, you have no incurable diseases, you have no debts that you cannot afford. There are far more unlucky people than you. What are you afraid of? The road should be taken step by step. Although the step to the end is very exciting, most of the steps are ordinary or even boring, but without these steps or can't stand these ordinary and boring, you will not be able to welcome the final exciting.

Adversity is where God helps you eliminate competitors. You should know that you are not feeling well, and others are also feeling bad. If you can't persist, others are the same. Don't tell others that you can't persist. It can only let others gain confidence in persistence, let competitors look at your smiling face, lose confidence, and quit the game. Victory belongs to those who have patience.

In the most desperate time, I will go to see the movies The Pursuit of Happyness and Jerry Maguire to summon up courage again, because no matter what time, we always have hope. When all people leave, I don't lose hope, I don't give up. Sitting in the car after work every day, I like to hum "Invisible Wings" and look out the window. I know that I am waiting quietly for the moment that belongs to me.

I like what Li Yiji said in the original post, which is copied here:

Everyone wants to be unique

Small probability events such as birth with a golden spoon, reincarnation to a good family, work arrangement to the power bureau to get a monthly salary of 1w, of course, it's better to take your turn

The Red Army's Long March of 25000, the fight against right-wing counter revolutionaries, and the struggle at the expense of dignity, are best left to the ancestors, parents, and others

Naturally, not everyone who has suffered will be rewarded

However, in any era, behind every vested interest, there are his ancestors struggling and even bleeding their lives

Envy others for having a good father. There's nothing wrong

The question is, will your next generation have a good father?

As for why can't we have the same winning probability? I can only ask: Why can't humans and monkeys have the same probability of winning in species competition?

survival of the fittest in natural selection. Monkey's soul may not be inferior to yours, but there are hundreds of thousands of years of anthropoid ape evolution behind you.

7、 Enter the opposite line and follow the opposite person

In China, there are probably few people who work in a career to the end. However, there are still some things to pay attention to in the first job. Two things are particularly important, the first is to enter the profession, and the second is to follow people. The biggest impact of the first job on people is to enter the industry. Modern professional division has been very detailed. We can only become experts in one industry, not in multiple industries. Many cases have also proved that even if a person is very successful in one industry, it is not always the same thing to go to another industry. "Do you want to change the world or sell soda for life?" was what Jobs said when he invited John Sculley, President of PepsiCo, to join Apple. As a result, John, who is very successful in PepsiCo, did not perform well in Apple. In fact, no industry is particularly good or bad. It may be reported that the average salary of an industry is relatively high, but what they did not say is that the average pressure of that industry is also relatively high. Once you enter a beautiful industry, you will find that many places are not so perfect, just invisible to outsiders.

To be honest, I haven't made a fortune myself, so my advice is only to make people work happily, not how to make a fortune. We only discuss the situation of ordinary migrant workers. I think it doesn't matter what industry you choose. You can't just look at the present. For example, since the year before last, the country began to rectify the medical industry. Many pharmaceutical companies could not survive, and many pharmaceutical industry sales began to change careers. In fact, the downturn in the pharmaceutical industry is aimed at all companies, not just one company. Everyone has a hard time. It is very uneconomical to run away at this time. Most regular pharmaceutical companies can support themselves for two or three years even if they don't want to be reborn. Most pharmaceutical sales can also support themselves for two or three years by salary, It is impossible for the country to hold on to the pharmaceutical industry forever. In two or three years, things will be better. At that time, when everyone else ran away and you didn't, the life should be much better. Sometimes I feel that my industry is no longer good. The problem is that the industry that is no longer good becomes a good industry with fewer people. When everyone feels bad, it is often the best time. Everyone thinks that the financial industry is good, and the threshold of the financial industry is high. How many people want to get into the financial industry with sharp heads and competitive incentives. After entering the financial industry, they have to be vigilant at all times. An oversight has been crowded out by later people. How can we talk about happiness with great pressure? It may not be a "good" job.

Solar energy has not yet entered the stage of practical application, but seven companies related to solar energy in China have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Gome Suning Yongle is actually a trading enterprise and can also be listed. Lutai Textile's profit has increased by more than 50% for 10 consecutive years, Hailan Home, which sells clothes, can be listed... It really doesn't matter what industry you choose, but how you do it. Everything is done by people, and the key is people.

One thing to remember is that in this world, until we can foresee the future, there are always a few successful people, a few rich people, and most people are ordinary, ordinary, and not very successful. Therefore, most people's practices and views are often not the ones closest to success. Therefore, what most people say is good is not necessarily good, and what most people say is bad is not necessarily bad. When most people go to the stock market, it is just a matter of time. The more enthusiastic everyone is, the closer the day of decline will be. When most people buy a house, the house price will not rise, but when the house price rises almost, most people begin to buy a house. There will never be such a thing to make everyone successful and rich. It has never happened in history and will never happen in the future. Some things will be lost in other places at other times even if they are lucky to get them.

At the beginning of their career, young people should pay special attention to doing the right thing. Don't let their life in the next few decades always be on tenterhooks. It's not worth paying for their youth for a job. My company is a non bribery company. Many people did not understand it before, even their own employees did not understand it. But now, we are the largest enterprise in the industry, and customers are willing to deal with us. Especially when the country is fighting against corruption, everyone knows our reputation of doing business without paying, and they dare to do business with us. The companies that are brave enough to pay will either fail or run away, or they will not sleep well every day. People should take a long-term view. Most of the time, the shortest road is actually the farthest road, and the farthest road is actually the shortest road.

It is said to people that they should follow a good leader and teacher after entering the industry. People just entering the society often have no experience in doing things and need to be taught by example. For a person's development, a good leader is very important. The so-called "good" standard is not that he lets you work less and get more money, but the following three.

First of all, a good leader should have a broad mind. If a leader loses his temper every day, it is almost certain that he is not a broad-minded person. Leaders who can lose their temper without losing their temper are mostly very powerful leaders. The biggest problem of Chinese leaders is that they can't tolerate people who are more capable than themselves, so it is often seen that leaders are very capable, and they have a group of mediocrities or a group of idle people. If you see such an environment, you'd better not go there.

Secondly, leaders should be willing to think about problems from the perspective of subordinates, which can be seen from the interview. If the leader always thinks about problems from his own perspective and hardly listens to what you say, it is dangerous. Thinking from the perspective of subordinates does not mean that they agree with them, but they must understand their position and why they think so, and then they can persuade you. Leaders who only care about what they think are often difficult to win their subordinates' conviction.

Third, leaders dare to take responsibility. If there is a problem, they will push the responsibility down. If they have merit, they will take it on themselves. It's OK for such leaders not to follow. When choosing a leader, you should choose a leader who can resist at a critical moment and who can pay for the mistakes of his subordinates, because this is his responsibility as a leader.

It's possible that you can't meet good leaders, because Chinese leaders often decide their heads by their buttocks. Because they take the leadership position, his words are more reasonable. This is the misunderstanding of the traditional concept of official standard. There may be a large number of such ignorant and incompetent leaders, but this is actually a good thing for you. If you want to surpass him one day, Do you want him to be clever or stupid? Relatively speaking, such a leader is not difficult to deal with, but you just have to put your body down. Get to know more people, deal with more people who are better than you, and find good teachers. Don't accuse the society and the boss with a group of people who are also depressed. This will not help you, but will only make you more negative. When dealing with people who are stronger than you, see how they think and do, learn from them, and then deal with stronger people.

8、 Select

The thing we do most every day is actually choice, so we have to mention this topic when talking about career.

I always believe that in a large range, it is up to us to decide what kind of person we will become. Every day we are making various choices. I can not write this article, but pat bricks on other people's posts. I can also write these words to help others and organize my own ideas, I can pay more attention to the format so that others can read it easily, or I can write it in a pile. I can just post it like this, or I can read it several times before posting it. You can choose to go to the interview without shaving, or you can choose to look in the mirror before going out... Every day, every moment, we are making decisions like this. We can be careless, or we can spend more time, Thousands of small choices add up to determine what kind of people we are in the end.

In a sense, our future is not given by others, but chosen by ourselves. Many people will say that I have no choice but to go to Microsoft or IBM, Tsinghua University or Peking University, vice president of sales or factory director. But every day you can choose whether to serve customers more carefully, whether to be more patient with colleagues, whether to do the work more carefully, whether to understand the situation more clearly, whether to clarify the unclear problems again... You can also choose whether to continue to persist in the pain, whether to abandon their negative thoughts, Whether to forgive someone's mistakes, whether to believe the words I wrote here, whether to stop making the same mistakes... Life gives you the opportunity to choose every day, every day gives you the opportunity to change your life, you can choose to lie on the ground and roll about, or you can choose to stand up with teeth clenched. You always have a choice. Some of the choices are not made by standing upright, but need to be accumulated. For example, farmers can choose to irrigate the land themselves or let God irrigate the land. Admittedly, if you water it today, the seedlings may not grow up immediately today, but if you water it often, most of the seedlings will grow up eventually. If you don't water it, the harvest will be very bad.

Life is giving you opportunities every day. He will not give you a pile of cash or give you a good job, but in fact, he is still giving you opportunities. My family is an ordinary family without any great social relations. My father was assigned to the frontier after he graduated from college. That small county town has only one road. Their generation actually has more reason to complain than us. They didn't get anything. When they were young, they didn't read books during the Cultural Revolution. They supported the frontier to join the queue and settle down when they were old, But it will give young people a chance. He has enough reason to sit there and complain about the untimely life like thousands of other young people. However, ten years after he was assigned to the frontier, the state resumed recruiting graduate students, and he returned to his original school. After graduation, he was assigned to a small unit in Anhui Province. Three years later, the country's first batch of doctoral candidates enrolled him. He returned to the original school and became the first generation of doctors in China. At that time, he was older than I am now. Life did not abandon him, nor did he abandon life. After 10 years of waiting, he made his own choice. He didn't give up. He didn't break the pot. So when the time came, he changed his life. What kind of person you will eventually become depends on your small choices.

What do you choose to believe? Who do you choose to make friends with? What do you choose to do? What do you choose to do We are faced with too many choices. Among these choices, the choice of ideology is far more important than the choice of objective conditions. For example, the choice of what product to make is not so important, but the choice of how to do it is important. It is not important to choose who to use, but how to bring these talents. Most of the time, it doesn't matter to choose objective conditions. There is no right or wrong choice about objective conditions. What matters is how to choose. A college student has graduated. It doesn't matter whether he wants to go to Microsoft, sell pork, start his own business, or play games. As long as he doesn't break the law or harm others, it doesn't matter. What matters is how to do things well after choosing.

In addition to these, you can also choose the time and environment. For example, you can choose to put the greatest difficulties in your life at the time when you have the most physical strength and energy, or you can take a step by step look until you are 40 years old. But when you are in your 40s, it is the most vulnerable time in your life, It's really a very distressing thing. It's better to suffer in your 20s and 30s so that you can live calmly when you are weak. You can choose to grow up in the greenhouse, or you can choose to sharpen in the wild. You can choose to work in the office to blow air conditioners, or you can choose to meet your customers in the 40 degree heat. However, all this will eventually accumulate and guide you to the future you deserve.

I dare not say that you have a choice in all things, but you have a choice in most things, but often you don't regard it as a choice. Only by taking each choice seriously can we have a better future.

9、 Choose a career

In general, career choice is nothing more than sales, marketing, customer service, logistics, administration, personnel, finance, technology and management. An interesting phenomenon is that among the top 500 CEOs, the largest number is from sales, and the second largest number is from finance, which together account for more than 95%. In the modern IT industry, there are also those who have technical background and become the boss, but in fact, they were still engaged in many sales and marketing jobs later, and they performed well, so that the company was successful. Almost none of them became the boss of the company completely relying on their technical ability. There is a reason for this, because sales is a knowledge of dealing with people, and management is also a knowledge of dealing with people. There are many things in common between the two. Their common goal is to "let others do something specific." While finance is to understand the nature of business from the digital level, and look at the nature of business from a macro perspective, Have the deepest understanding of whether a business can earn money and operate normally.

When the company was small, it was a sales leading company, while when the company was big, it was a financial leading company. The limitation of sales was that it only looked at human relations rather than figures. The limitation of finance was that it only looked at figures rather than human relations. In the early days of the company, the operating cost was low, and the company could survive if it had an order. There was no negotiation condition with the customer, and others were grateful to do business. At this time, orders were overwhelming, and the customer's requirements were overwhelming, so of course we should pay attention to human relations. When the company is big, everything should be standardized to avoid unnecessary risks caused by non standardization. At the same time, the operating costs also become higher. It is necessary to improve the profit margin and put the limited funds in the most productive places. For listed companies, shareholders don't care whether your customers have recently gone abroad or whether the province has been cracking down again recently. When the time comes, they will show their performance. If they can't, they will sell their shares. At this time, the number is overwhelming.

The other day, I heard someone say something that made sense. At the beginning, we thought, "What can we do?" When the company became bigger and larger, we thought, "What can't we do. Most of the time, it is because you are still young and you think about "what can be done". As a company leader, there are many aspects to consider. He is more concerned about "what cannot be done".

I am not advocating that everyone should go to sales or finance. What kind of career you choose has something to do with what kind of life you want to choose. Some people like to go home on time after work, read books and listen to music, which is also good, but it is not suitable for finding a sales job, otherwise it will be torture. Some people like to be in the limelight and become the center of a group of people. If they choose to do financial work, they may not be able to do it very long, because ordinary bosses don't like being too active in finance or talking too much about finance. First think about what kind of life you want to lead, then decide what kind of career you want to find. A lot of unhappiness, in fact, comes from dissatisfaction, and dissatisfaction, most of the time it comes from uncertainty, and uncertainty is because you don't know what you want. If you don't know what you want, you want everything, and you don't get anything.

I think we still work because of life, not because of work. Life is the most important thing, and work is only a part of life. I always feel that all aspects of life affect each other. If life itself is messy, work will not go smoothly. So there should be entertainment, social interaction, physical exercise, and a harmonious family... The most important thing is to be happy. My two salesmen came to me to chat with me. They were full of bitterness. I asked them that two years ago, you had nothing, low salary, no customer relations, no performance, and were on the verge of being kicked out. Now you are much better than then, Why are you more unhappy now? If you do better, the more unhappy you are, why do you still work? First of all, people should cheer themselves up and make themselves feel better. This kind of heartfelt change will make you more patient, more confident, more temperamental, and more tolerant... Otherwise, if you look at yourself in the mirror, are you satisfied?

Some people will say that it's easy for you to say that if I work overtime every day, the boss will fire me if I don't work overtime. I'm exhausted every day. How can I have time for entertainment, social interaction and exercise? That's why people set goals too high. If you are still on the verge of being fired by your boss, then of course you can't set goals too high. Do you still want to play golf every day? You don't have time to go to the gym to exercise, but can you take more steps when commuting? Can you take the stairs instead of the elevator when there are stairs? Can you do push ups by twisting your neck and pulling your shoulders between offices? Who stipulates that you must take 2 hours to the gym every day for exercise? You don't have time to socialize. It's OK to take an outing once a month. It's OK to take part in some music classes and painting classes on weekends. It's OK to try to meet some peers and find opportunities to communicate with them? It is always difficult at the beginning, but this step will lead to a virtuous circle. However, working every day is very boring, and the rest of the time is used to chew the depression, which will only lead to a vicious circle and make life worse.

Although I have only been away from HP for 15 days, I feel that HP is far away from me. My mind is more focused on planning my second stage of life, which does not mean that I have no attachment to HP, but mainly to drive myself forward.
Vanke Wang Shi's experience of climbing Mount Qomolangma gave me a lot of inspiration. Although he carried a lot of materials when he set out, he had to constantly reduce the load during the process of climbing the summit, and finally only one oxygen bottle and he climbed the summit. Climbing mountains is like this, and the long life is all right.

After I announced my retirement, I received congratulations from my colleagues, friends and classmates. Most people think that it is a kind of courage and a blessing that I can choose to retire at such a position and age.

Some people suspect that I just took this opportunity to change my job. Of course, some people said that I could not continue working at HP, so they took this opportunity to leave.

I have been used to what others say to me for many years, but for my friends, I still care about whether they really understand my ideas, which is also the purpose of this article.

Influenced by my father's early death, I made up my mind very early to realize my wish in my lifetime. I don't want to be like my father, busy with family life all my life. Before I die, I feel sad and regret that I have many unrealized ideals.

A magazine article mentioned that we should think about our epitaph before we die, because it represents your own definition of a perfect life, and we should try to achieve it in our lifetime.

I hope that in addition to the content related to family and friends, my epitaph reads as follows:

1. This person has served in the world's largest IT company (HP) for 25 years, and has experienced several major changes with her, watching her transform from a business focused on electronic instruments to the world's largest IT company.

2. This person has worked in the world's fastest growing country (China) for 16 years, and served as the president of HP China for 7 years. He has witnessed and experienced the key and latest breakthrough stage of China's reform and opening up, and has grown with China.

3. This man loves flying. He used to be a licensed pilot, accumulated more than X hours of flight, and took off and landed at X airports.

4. This person once obtained a master's degree in management, paid special attention to the organizational behavior and performance of Chinese enterprises in leadership and management, and was recognized by the Chinese business community in this field.

It took me 25 years to sum up the achievements of 1 and 2. I don't know how long it will take me to reach the aspirations of 3 and 4. In particular, the fourth aspiration requires academic training to sum up my experience into knowledge.

Otherwise, my experience will not be able to effectively influence and impart to others. Therefore, it is necessary to re-enter the school and get a management degree, not to mention this is a very important wish of mine.

On the other hand, I have spent 25 years in the field of operation, doing a good job as a professional. It is a good job, especially at HP. This job also helps me build a financial foundation and support the development of my family.

But I don't want to spend my whole life in the field of operation. Like entrepreneurs, I have the opportunity to make money by some ideas. Although the risk is high, it is worth a try. Even if it fails, it will not be in vain. This is part of the fourth wish.

Carly Fiorina once said to me that "there are many people with good ideas in the world, but few people are able to realize them". When giving a speech at Peking University on May 21, 2007, someone asked me about those books that have a great impact on me. I think one of the books that has an impact on my outlook on life is called "TriggerPoint". Its main idea is that what life needs most is not planning, Instead, seize the opportunity and take action at the right time.

These wishes have been brewing in my heart for a long time. At the beginning, I may think about them once or twice a year, and then forget them. But gradually, the voice in my heart becomes louder and more frequent. When it comes to talk with me almost every week, I know the time is ripe.

But like anyone, it requires great courage, support from family members and encouragement from friends to lose the environment and stable income they have now and are familiar with, and move to a path that they have never experienced and has unknown risks. It's easy to know but hard to do. I'm glad I finally took the first step.

I would like to thank HP's EER early retirement preferential policy, which is one of the key TriggerPoints, and the other key factor is what happened in May and June last year.

At that time, my eldest son graduated from college and my second son graduated from high school. Before they continued to work and study, this was a golden time for our family to get together for a long time. For this reason, I planned to take a long vacation early to take them to travel around the country.

But this plan had to be cancelled because of an important thing in work (Mark Hurd's visit to China). This event has stimulated me to take the voice in my heart seriously. Will I continue to miss many key opportunities?

I am over 50 years old. Will I follow the same path as my father? Charles, the manager of the Personnel Department, told me that many people still miss the opportunity when all the stars in his favor are lined up.

I know why, because it is so difficult for people to give up and change, I believe that most people have their own ideals in life, but I also believe that many people end up taking these ideals as illusions, and then constantly looking for excuses for themselves that cannot be realized. Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, once said, "It is more difficult to change yourself than to change the world.", It hit the nail on the head.

What is a happy and meaningful life? I believe that everyone has a different definition. For me, my definition is to realize the content on my epitaph.

Although the position of president of Hewlett Packard in China can attract a lot of attention and eyeballs, my wife and close friends all know that it is not what I pursue, it is just what I must do to play this role well.

As a person without a business card, although I only have more than ten days, I found that my head has been free of a lot of space and energy, so that I can calmly do detailed research and planning for my new life in Chapter II.

I'm scheduled to spend two years preparing for the transition and spend more time with my family. In the past two years, I hope to get a flight license, a master's degree in management, improve my English level, establish a new network, get to know more people in different industries, and maintain contact with the mainland. I hope that after two years, I can return to the mainland smoothly to realize my fourth wish.

Not surprisingly, in life, I found a lot of things to adjust.

For more than 20 years, the pace and rhythm of my life have been almost completely controlled by the company and work. The constantly emerging deadline and tasks drive my daily arrangements. Once I leave such an environment, the first thing to adjust is to rely on my self-discipline and willpower to drive daily activities. The attitude of sleeping until waking up naturally is absolutely incorrect. Relax yourself, It is also incorrect not to set goals and timetables for things, or to miss time goals. It is also incorrect not to have annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans.

As a senior manager for many years, he has developed the habit of telling things. His time is mainly spent thinking, making decisions and tracking the progress of the project. He relies more on a large team to implement specific matters and the secretary to deal with many coordination and tedious things.

After arriving in the United States, I need to call 800 for many things, but these calls are very busy and often make you wait for a long time on the waiting line. When I wait, I can experience the hard work of the former secretary, but also remind myself that at this stage, I need to change my abnormal degree, develop greater patience and the ability to do things by myself.

The content of life also needs to be greatly adjusted. More time to exercise, more time to focus on family, more time to focus on friends, more time to experience different leisure activities and flights. Step by step, I hope that life will gradually adjust to the track I expect, and I hope that life in the past two years will be full of fun and meaning.

The first happy experience is to prepare for and attend the wedding of the eldest son. It's a good feeling to be fully engaged without worrying about the number of jobs. At the same time, I rented an apartment, bought furniture and cars, and accompanied my family to Reno and Lake Tahoe on the weekend.

But at the same time, I am also stepping up my research work to prepare for applying for universities and flight schools. During this time, I also met with friends in Silicon Valley and some venture capital companies to learn about different industries.

My outlook on life is that "perfect performance comes from full preparation", "the courage to change oneself and adapt to the changing environment, opportunities will continue to emerge", and "happy and meaningful life comes from the realization of one's own aspirations, rather than external applause".

When I left, two good friends sent me two different greetings. Baron's is "many years of success and failure turn into dust", and Yang Hua's is "Mo Chun, the wind is dancing rain, singing and returning", which respectively represent my feelings of leaving HP and heading for the future.

I conclude that there are three stages in life, one is to find a job for the reality, one is to find a job for the reality, but you can choose a job you are willing to invest in, and the other is to do something for the ideal.

I cherish my good fortune and appreciate the support, encouragement and assistance from HP, my colleagues and good friends. This article is written in my heart and shared with my friends.