12306 Booking Assistant (Google Browser Version) 1.2

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  • The payment method requires online banking to support Google browser Payment. At present, China Merchants Bank has successfully used its mobile phone to pay and purchase tickets
  • Automatic login attempt, successful login prompt
  • Automatically check tickets according to conditions, and give voice prompts when tickets are available
  • Order auto retry (beta)
Recommended for installation (Google Chrome)

Students who use 12306 automatic login and 12306 automatic query can plug-in unit Management( chrome://settings/extensions )It is uninstalled because the function is repeated

Use Google Chrome, and then confirm to install this UserScript

Installation (360 Speed Browser)

Click more plug-ins in the plug-in management of Speed Browser to install the train ticket printing machine

Installation (IE version)

Install Trixie first

Download this script Save to the C: Program Files Bhelpuri Trixie Scripts folder (for 64 bit systems, C: Program Files (x86) Bhelpuri Trixie Scripts)

Click the Reload Scripts button in Tools ->Trixie Options, and then select the script to use (if you do not find Trixie Options in the tool, restart the browser).

If found Garbled code , please save the script as UTF-8 encoding, and then reload the script in the Trixie Options option.

Installation (Firefox version)

First install the Greasemonkey plug-in to support UserScript, and then confirm the installation

Start booking

Open after successful installation https://dynamic.12306.cn/otsweb/ Let's start booking tickets

Swipe tickets

After logging in, go to the ticket booking page, select the departure place, destination, and departure time, click Start Ticketing, and the train ticket will be updated continuously until there is a ticket, and there will be notification prompt and voice prompt after the ticket is swiped


When you jump to the order page, if you do not select the user, the first user will be automatically selected. You need to enter your own verification code to automatically submit the order. The function will automatically resubmit the order when too many users fail to make reservations

Version History
  • Correction of bug: IE ticket swiping is not displayed
  • Add the function of swiping tickets in ticket change
  • Correction of bug that student ticket cannot be swiped
  • Voice prompt of successful ticket reservation
  • Resolve the bug that will lock the account if the password is entered incorrectly during automatic login
  • Failed to resolve Firefox automatic order
  • Influence of canceling family initialization and order time modification on order submission
  • Limit ticket swiping for multiple trains
  • Firefox greasemonkey plug-in support
  • Update Auto Submit Code
  • Change the ticket swiping page typeface highlight color
  • Increase submission frequency and stop order submission
  • Date modification in the order
  • Solution Click "My 12306" will jump to BUG continuously
one point three
  • Fix the bug of automatic login failure
  • IE support
one point two
  • The order page automatically selects the first user
  • Order auto retry
one point one
  • After login, the login page automatically jumps to the ticket check page
  • Bug correction: no desktop prompt, ticket swiping succeeded, music could not be played
  • Add help information for swiping specific ticket types
  • automatic logon
  • Automatic ticket check



  • The login verification code will not be updated without requesting the connection of that verification code, so you can use ajax to request login

First, enter the login name, password, and verification code. Click Auto Login to try to login for many times until the login is successful

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