What is the winning secret of stone, scissors and cloth?

informal essay five thousand nine hundred and twenty-five 12 years ago (2012-01-13)

I believe everyone has played the game of stone, scissors and paper. Many people like to produce stones, but do you know that stone, scissors and paper also have secrets?

Scientists claim that they have found the winning secret of playing the game "stone, scissors and cloth": "scissors" first.  


New Scientist magazine published an article saying that the "scissors first" strategy has psychological basis. The article said that, as we all know, the law of this game is: stones hit scissors, scissors cut cloth, cloth wrapped stone. Scientists have found that the most common first move when playing games is "stone". Therefore, the first move of a slightly more astute player is usually "cloth". If you put out "scissors", you can win by surprise.  


The strategy of "scissors win first" once helped an auction house defeat its commercial rivals and win a huge contract. In 2005, a Japanese collector planned to auction a famous impressionist painting, but it was difficult to choose between the famous Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses. He didn't know which one to entrust. Finally, he decided to let the two representatives decide the victory by "stone, scissors, cloth". The head of Christie's auction house sought winning strategies from employees, including his 11 year old daughter. The little girl asked her father to give the "scissors" first, because "everyone thought you would give the stone first". As expected, Sotheby's representative greeted Christie's "scissors" with an open hand and lost the contract worth about 20 million dollars.  


The article also said that there are other tricks that can ensure that players are invincible, such as directly telling the other party what you are going to do and then implementing it. "No one believes that you will do this, so they will not be able to beat you.".