I returned the counterfeit 100 yuan note to the ATM

informal essay five thousand one hundred and thirty-one 12 years ago (2012-01-12)

The day before yesterday company The event and my colleagues went to open a new farm. Before leaving, they withdrew 800 yuan in cash from the ICBC ATM in my city. As usual, they checked the bills coming out of the mouth of the bank. One of them felt strange. When they pulled it out, the paper was thick and dull, the old man's face was blurry, his head was bigger, "fake money"!! I immediately took the counterfeit coin and shook it in front of the camera on the ATM machine to prove the time of the crime, and then quickly ran to the ICBC business hall window behind. As you can imagine, the counter MM took the money and said coldly: Sorry, it can't be proved that you withdrew it from the ATM. I argued and asked for the camera data certificate to be removed. The counter MM said that the camera could only record the face, and the imaging angle could not involve the cash withdrawal port. The implication was that if I had exchanged at the cash withdrawal port to blackmail the bank, it would not be impossible. After saying that, even the counterfeit money was not returned to me, and the "Pa" stamp was confiscated. I am so angry that I smoke all over my body. I used to be a financial worker a few years ago. Since I received 100 yuan counterfeit money by mistake, I have been practicing money recognition. How many counterfeit money prototypes have appeared in my hands in the past few years. The counterfeit money I received by mistake a few years ago is still pressed under the glass plate of my desk. Unexpectedly, the money recognition method I practiced for eight years has no use in the National Bank of Tangtang, There is no place to reason!! The more I think about it, the more angry I become. TNND, Xu Ting asked you not to pay back your money. You can't give it away from me!

So, before going out to play, I must ask for an explanation. After pondering for a long time, my wise brain finally found the bug of ATM! Fair!! Give me justice!!! I roared, and with trembling hands, I took out the first counterfeit coin I had kept for eight years. I want to return it to you, ugly bank!

The following details are only for those who suffer from bank counterfeits to watch and relieve their anger. Do not imitate. Those with impure motives, please respect yourself!

I returned to the bank's ATM machine (note: this ATM machine is outside the bank, so my success in repaying money is also related to this to a large extent). Holding the counterfeit money in my hand, the other hand inserted the bank card, and then input the order to withdraw 800 yuan. Soon the money came out of the mouth. I carefully drew a piece from the middle of the money that came out of the mouth, then unfolded the counterfeit money and put it back into the middle of the stack of money, and then waited for 10 seconds. The ATM began to beep, The screen displays "Please withdraw the money as soon as possible, and it will be recovered automatically after exceeding the time limit". Keep waiting... With a click, the money is returned to the machine ---- no abnormality --- check the balance ---- the amount remains unchanged ---- get out! The human brain finally defeated the computer, and I finally got back justice!

Adults may ask, can the ATM machine not recognize the counterfeit money returned? ha-ha.. You are good at thinking, but you can rest assured that you will not! If there is a recognizer at the mouth of the bill, the fake money will not come out so easily. Since you can come out, you can also go in. The high people asked again, then you are not afraid of the camera to record you, hehe... Don't worry about this. At the beginning of this article, the counter MM has exposed the camera's imaging angle! The high people asked again and again, isn't it bad luck for those who withdraw money from behind? Cough.. Cough.. This.. This is also a question I was thinking about after playing, so it's also a reason why I don't want you to follow suit. I only thought about how to get justice back, but I didn't think the successor of the consequences was actually not the bank, but the next victim like me, BS himself!!

In fact, at the technical level, I was only worried about two issues:

1. Spit out a pile of 50 yuan. (God of Russia, vomit blood!)

2. After all the procedures are completed, I hum a whistle on the way home to appreciate the successful exchange of 100 yuan bills. (TNND, how can I exchange another counterfeit coin!!!!)

Audiences, please do not imitate the above procedures. If you accidentally fail, you will be held responsible! Uncle, aunt and sister of ICBC, BOC, CCB, ABC, China Merchants Bank and Bank of Communications, you can upgrade your ATM machine when you see this article, but please also upgrade your moral outlook. You know, our hard-earned money does not invest in the stock market, does not invest in funds, does not invest in real estate, and only in the bank with the lowest interest rate. It is not for you to waste it!!!