The Big Nuclear Nation and the Children of Salt Shortage

informal essay six thousand seven hundred and fifty-three 13 years ago (2011-03-18)

1. After "You are ruthless with garlic, you are ruthless with ginger, you play with beans, you are highly skilled in sugar, you can go with it, what is it?", "Salt like jade" was launched strongly.

2. I didn't cry after the earthquake in Japan, nor did I cry because of the radiation leakage from the nuclear power plant in Japan. Until the Chinese began to rush to buy salt, I can't cry anymore. The salt in my body can't be lost in vain!

3. What is the most painful thing in the world? Radiation comes, salt is gone; What is the most painful thing in the world? The radiation is coming, and the salt is hard to use; What is the most painful thing in the world? The radiation did not come, and too much salt was bought; What is the most painful thing in the world? I'm dead. I haven't run out of salt.

4. Xiao Shu: More panicked and out of order than Japan in the state of war. That's the price. Refusing citizens and citizens Sociology The cost of. There is no civil society, that is, there is no civic rationality. There is only obedience to the people. When there is any disturbance, obedient people will become mobs. Those silly people are always confident that they can control everything, but it's not time. When we arrive, we are in such a situation everywhere. What control should we take?

5. How to use iodized salt to prevent radiation? Take off 500g of iodized salt, use a knife to slash every 2-5cm, evenly smear the salt on the body surface, and pay attention to the armpits and inner thighs. Then hang yourself in a ventilated and dry place. After seven days, you can reach the point where radiation does not invade. Tips: If you can add some fragrant leaves, pepper and anise, the radiation protection effect will be better.

6. Woman: Do you have a room? Man: No; Woman: Do you have a car? Man: No; Woman: Then why did you marry me? Man: I have salt! Woman: Husband!!!

7. Last night when the reporter went to interview the supermarket, the people who robbed the salt were in a mess. "Is there any wood for one yuan and one bag?"... "No!" "Should there be a 5 yuan bag?" "No way!!!" People kept asking the salesperson where they were, panicking. Hey, just an old lady calmly choosing diapers. I asked Grandma, why don't you grab salt? "We haven't finished the looting in SARS"

8. It is said that the reason for snapping up soy sauce is this: iodine can prevent radiation - iodized salt should also be able to - salt is salty - soy sauce is also salty - so soy sauce should also be able to prevent radiation.

9. "Song of Ballad of Salt": It's hard to hold hands without salt when you meet with salt thousands of miles away. The common salt is repaired to cross the same boat, and the sea salt is repaired to sleep together.

10. Today, I finally learned that "I eat more salt than you eat" is such a preposterous sentence.

11. Should the Salt Abstinence Army be dispatched?

12. For human beings, scary things often come from unknown areas. For example, if you tell a railway worker that a bag of salt on his head can ensure that the train will not derail, he will probably slap you with a wrench immediately. But if you tell him that the plane with a bag of salt overhead will not crash, maybe he will be happy to buy salt.

13. A salt shop on Taobao is shipping at the rate of one box every few seconds. Since yesterday, more than 10000 boxes have been sold. The owner of the shop is crying out for love, while he is running down excited urine

14. The Municipal Public Utilities Bureau warned the public that the road snow melting salt is industrial salt, which contains many harmful elements. Please stop licking the road immediately!

15. Qinghai Provincial Government should develop Wanzhang Salt Bridge for the second time, sell and rent it in sections.

16. They are a big nuclear nation, and we are descendants of the salt famine!

17. Mr. Ticket: I'm too shy to go to the supermarket to buy salt when my family is out of salt these days, for fear of being included in the list of stupid people... Oh, my god, I really have no salt at home...

18. It was said that four security guards appeared beside the salted fish stall of Carrefour Supermarket to prevent the random licking of fish. The security guard angrily said that yesterday four good salted fish were simply licked for fresh water fish

19. Strongly recommended Beijing To buy salt by lottery, outsiders must provide a five-year tax certificate to buy salt.