Two people share white radish

informal essay four thousand one hundred and ten 13 years ago (2011-04-08)

The rabbit grew up,
At first, I didn't just want carrots,
Start looking forward love .
Grey rabbit is very good,
Always give me carrots to eat,
But is the grey rabbit really my lover?


The little white rabbit carried a lot of carrots from the gray rabbit,
Farewell to Grey Rabbit,
Into the forest.
The little white rabbit was the first to meet the wild goose,
The little white rabbit thought,
They fell in love,
But slowly,
The little white rabbit found that,
She will never catch up with the wild goose,
When the geese fly,
She could only keep running with her head up.
Her neck is very sore,
I was very tired from running,
The little white rabbit secretly thought of giving up,
But I didn't say it.
One day, the wild goose told the little white rabbit,

I want to leave you, because you can't fly with me.


This is the rabbit's first love,
She cried her eyes red,
Carry on with the rest of the carrots.

Dayan is not my lover,
I can't walk with him.

The little white rabbit meets the big bear,
She felt that she didn't even like the big bear,
Not to mention love.
But the big bear said,
The forest is actually dangerous,
To accompany her forward,
Until Little White Rabbit met her lover.

The big bear is good to the little white rabbit,
He will put the rabbit into the tree hole on a cold night,
Keep yourself out of the hole,
Will be food Rarely do you save your dinner for the rabbit to make breakfast the next day.

The big bear is also very good,
But how can I tell him that I need to snuggle up when it's cold,
I don't like the same food as him

At this time,
The bear meets the fox,
The fox is beautiful,
She said she liked the big bear,
I want to be with Big Bear.
Big Bear tells Little White Rabbit&mdash& mdash;

I just want to be with you. I don't love foxes.

But finally,
One morning when the little white rabbit woke up,
I found that there was no big bear at the entrance of the tree,
He left without saying goodbye.
Little white rabbit knows,
The bear followed the fox away.

Little white rabbit tidies up his backpack,
If you want to move forward,
She suddenly found that,
There are many carrots in the backpack.

Big Bear finally wants to understand what I want,
But I still left.
He won't come back, will he,
Maybe so,
They are very good to us.

On a rainy day,
The little white rabbit meets the wolf,
Although she knows well that she is with the wolf,
The only person who gets hurt is himself.
The little white rabbit still fell hopelessly in love with the wolf,
Be with him every day with trepidation.

The wolf waved away the wounded rabbit on a rainy day&mdash& mdash;

I'm tired of you,
You leave quickly.

The little white rabbit packed his backpack,
There are not many carrots in it,
Should we continue to move forward,
Will you really get love?
She put her backpack under the tree,
Look at the rain outside.

Should I not fall in love with wolves,
Should I not go into the forest to look for love that I am not sure is?

The little white rabbit began to miss the old time with the gray rabbit life
After such a long journey,
Can she go back?
The little white rabbit heard the sound of being informed,
Looking back,
A gray figure is putting carrots into her small backpack&mdash& mdash;

I've been following you secretly, just afraid you won't get carrots&hellip& hellip;

The little white rabbit finally understands what love is,
Love may be that two people can share carrots together.