Micro fiction

informal essay six thousand two hundred and one 13 years ago (2010-12-19)

1. She is so fat that everyone thinks that no one will marry her. He was thin, but he married her like a ghost. On the wedding night, she undressed in front of him. With her clothes falling off, there was also a layer of skin. In fact, she is a beauty, because she is tired of being strict with people's appearance, so she tries her best to find someone who can tolerate her ugliness. When he learned the truth, he left angrily. He just wanted to marry an ugly woman with no secrets.

2. I lost my sight in a car accident, so I never know what my girlfriend looks like. That year, she got gastric cancer, and before she died, she transplanted her cornea to me. The first thing I did after I recovered my brightness was to find her photo. However, I only found a letter she left me. There was a blank photo in the letter. The photo said, "Don't think about what I look like anymore. The next person you fall in love with is what I look like."

3. A little boy said to the little girl, "I am your BF." The girl asked, "What is BF?" The boy said Best Friend means. Later, when they got married and had children in their twilight years, the husband said to the old woman, "I'm your BF." The wife asked, "What is BF?" The husband smiled and replied, "Be Forever!"

4. On the Tomb Sweeping Day in 500, he entered the Organ Bank. Good conscience, 30 years. So he wandered Sociology , all is well. When the time comes, I will take back my conscience, which is not polluted. I am very happy. On his bed, he imagined all kinds of plans after having a conscience. The operation lasted three days and nights, but failed. There are only four words on the diagnosis: rejection.

5. On the day of graduation, the monitor suggested that the whole class sit in a circle, and each of them write a secret on the note and pass it to the people on the left, so that everyone can share one of their own secrets and keep one of others' secrets. I deliberately sat on his left. I have been in secret love for four years, but I didn't dare to confess it. It's good to know one of his secrets. I comfort myself. There were only three words on the note: I love you.

6. When he is free, he folds heart-shaped origami with paper and gives it to her when he sees her. How long has this habit lasted? He doesn't remember very well himself. Suddenly, one day, she said on the phone: "Today a waste paper collector came, I asked the price, and then sold all the heart shaped origami you gave me..." After a pause, "It's just nine yuan. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate after you dress up."
7. I work in a high-rise building. He works in the window opposite me. We are across the street. Every day, I secretly look at him, guess his happiness and sadness, and write micro-blog On. He should not know, because I am always careful. One day he suddenly disappeared. Empty, he sent a new micro blog: "He left, I miss him, he doesn't know". A new comment immediately popped up: "Silly boy, I moved to the upper floor."
8. When he was 18 years old, he was arrogant and domineering: Hey, let's fall in love with me! Young frivolous at the age of 20: You haven't thought about it for two years? At the age of 22, I was in the prime of my life: Don't worry about taking the postgraduate entrance exam, I can support you. At the age of 24, I was high spirited: I respect your choice, but you should also believe that I will fully support you. At the age of 26, his eyes were soft: after eight years of war, the results were achieved. Would you like to stay with me? Mature and introverted at the age of 28: OK, I will be your best man.
9. At that time, she was still young, pink and delicate like dreaming, and even breathing was his shadow in the library at the garden corner of Cherry Blossom Road on the bus. At that time, he was still young, energetic, humorous and considerate. She could be found everywhere at the corner of the garden stairs at the school gate of Cherry Blossom Road. Countless times I brushed past my heart and felt suffocated, but I hardly said a word. At the graduation party, he sent the last message: Wait for me. After three years of no contact, he returned home and got married. First love.
10. "I got an interesting email that I want to do with my friends. My deskmate, can you do me a favor?" "OK." "So... my favorite color?" "Black." "My best subject?" "Mathematics." "Our pet?" "It's always called a stupid dog." "My style of dress?" "Mix and match." "My game?" "The world is second." "Something I absolutely don't know?" "I love you."
11. He ran into her in her city and saw her still beautiful and her lovely daughter. He lied that he was married and had a son a little older than her daughter. They never talked about the past, just exchanged greetings. She looked at her watch and said it was time to go back. Her family read. Waving goodbye, the familiar and unfamiliar silhouettes bless each other. On the way, my daughter said that she didn't want to go back to her father and wanted to be with her. She hugged her daughter in tears.
12. When he proposed to her, he only said three words: trust me; When she gave birth to his first daughter, he said to her: "It's hard;"; On the day his daughter got married in another place, he put his arm around her shoulder and said, "I am still here."; The day he received the notice of her dying, he repeatedly said to her: I am here; At the moment when she was about to leave, he kissed her on the forehead and whispered, "Wait for me.". In this life, he never said "I love you" to her once, but love never left.
13. There is an orphan named Nasa in the village, who often runs and shouts "No good! Aliens are coming!", even though there is no alien hair in the village. Nasa has a secret that he is always happy with. He is a super power fighter. Every time an alien attacks, he is defeated by him, and the number of times is countless. The villagers who will be angry when they see Nasa actually have a secret, that is, on the weekend night, they put on sacks and play with Nasa as aliens.
14. Hong Kong Boys and Beijing The girl met at Eason Chan's concert and fell in love quickly. A week later, the two had said goodbye at the airport, and the boy had joined MSF and was going to work in primitive African tribes. Before leaving, he gave the girl a music box with the music of today next year. I will come back then. The boy said. One year later, the boy returned home and the girl was married. Sorry, the girl said to the boy who came to find her, I thought you wanted me to wait for ten years.
15. United States. "Hmm... Mom, what's the matter?" "Nothing, I just miss you." "Well, well, I'm sleepy. It's early in the morning. How many times have I talked about it? There's jet lag." "Oh, I forgot. You go back to sleep, go back to sleep..." Five minutes later. "Oh, who called again!" "Niuniu, I'm your uncle. The building on Jiaozhou Road where your mother lives is on fire!" Call back. "Mom! Mom! Answer the phone quickly!" "Dudu Dudu..."
16. On Valentine's Day for three consecutive years, he will receive a blessing message from the same strange number, just five words: Happy Valentine's Day. He never replied. The message did not appear on Valentine's Day in the fourth year. He hesitated for a long time, and finally sent a Happy Valentine's Day message to that number. Soon there was an answer, "Thank you, who are you?" love I won't wait for anyone in place. If I'm not careful, it will be taken away by time.

17. He is nearly 20 years older than her. He treats her well and takes care of her in every way. He insists on marrying her after they have known each other for less than a year. Her friends envied her, but she hesitated because an operation in childhood accidentally caused her infertility. He was an only child, and the huge family business was waiting for him to inherit. She didn't want to delay him. Finally, she summoned up the courage to confess to him the fact that she was infertile. He said that I knew that the knife was opened by me. I have been looking for you for years (Fang Wenshan)

18. Go home in the middle of the night, open the door, and find a pair of stranger's shoes on the ground. I walked around the room, nobody! Looking back, those shoes are missing

19. At 8:00 sharp, the wife cleaned the room to a spotless place. A strange boy came into the door. My wife asked who you were? The boy did not answer, walked into the house and inspected, familiar with everything. My wife said that my husband will come back from a business trip soon. The house you just cleaned has been dirtied by you. Please go out. The boy gazed at his wife and left. At this moment, the phone rings, and the wife is told that the husband's plane crashed at 8:00 sharp! The wife suddenly wakes up and cries out, and the teenager has disappeared in the crowd (Gao Xiaosong)

20。 He stood in front of the mirror, and a female ghost slowly moved towards him from behind. The cold hand suddenly covered his eyes, "Guess who I am?" The voice was cold and terrible, and his calm face was expressionless. "Silly wife, I haven't played enough for more than 20 years." He complained, but his wrinkled face was full of happiness.

In the second year of senior high school, she asked him: "Teacher, can I love you?" He smiled, "silly child, you are still young." After graduating from college, she grew up and married. He sent a gift, but no one arrived. Twenty years later, when she learned that he had died of illness, she and her lover attended his funeral, and she knew that he had never married. Thirty years later, when she moved house, she accidentally found her high school homework book. On the last page, there was a striking line: "But I am willing to wait for you to grow up..."...
It's 29 yuan, and I'll give you the whole amount. "The old man smiled bitterly and took the money from the waste collector and walked slowly back to his shabby home. The old man is more than 90 years old. He has been wandering in Shanghai for decades and has lived a lonely life. Every day, I have to carry nearly 100 jin of old paper for an hour to the waste station to sell it. Apart from the cost of collecting paper, I can't earn much by myself. A businessman sympathized with the old man and gave her a ticket for the World Expo, but the old man said: Can I change it into an ID card?
He told her to go to the movies together. She said yes, and he said to her, "My girlfriend will come tomorrow, too. She felt a little pain in her heart, but she said yes with a smile. The next day, she saw him coming alone, so she asked," Where is your girlfriend? "? He gently touched her head, smiled and said to her, "Right in front of me!"!
"Eat mints, here you are." The boy opposite has thin white fingers. She took the candy, and the cold mint smell spread from here on, which made her feel a mark in the bottom of her heart. "Eat mints, here you are." She remembered silently. When it was 100, it showed her intention. Ninety nine mints were transferred from school to school, and no one heard from them. After a long time, she went to the new company Check in, see the colleague next door, "Eat mints, here you are" Finally, the hundredth.
After three years of love, he never gave her a promise. He hinted several times, either explicitly or implicitly, and he just smiled without saying anything. This year, on the train home, because her house was several stops in front of his house, she lost and remembered to call me when she said she would arrive, and then went to sleep. A few hours later, he woke her up and said, "Here we are.". She looked out of the window and saw strange scenery. Don't overdo it, it's his spoiled smile: my mother asked me to take you home to have a look
When the sun rises, think of it as a sunset. Just like a beautiful girl, she can't stand the time left on her face, and finally becomes a weather beaten old man in Xixia. But what she longed for was a pair of hands as rough as hers. As she walked, she would be forever.
On Valentine's Day, my grandfather with senile dementia disappeared. In the evening, the hospital called to say that an old man with the phone sewn on his clothes stood in a ward and refused to leave. When I went to pick up my grandfather, my mother cried as soon as she entered the ward, where she died. When I saw the rose in my silly grandfather's hand which I didn't know where to pick up, I suddenly thought of Valentine's Day a few years ago
He looked at the cold and bleak snow night in Beijing. The street lights made a faint faint, and everything was quiet. Only sporadic vehicles roared past. He stood there like a sculpture. "Mom, why is he standing here all the time?" "Oh, maybe he can't find his home." Suddenly, he burst into tears.
After marriage, the couple quarreled. Man: You are good now. Woman: You are a genius! Man: How can you be good! Woman: How dare you call me without me! Man: You are not my leader. Why can't I talk about you!
When I went to school, my mother said, "When you graduate, my mother will be happy.". Upon graduation, my mother said, "When you find a job, my mother will enjoy it.". At work, my mother said: When you get married, my mother will be happy. When getting married, my mother said, "When you have a child, I will be happy.". With a child, the mother said: When your child grows up, the mother will enjoy it. Now that the child has grown up, I said that he could enjoy himself, but Mom, can you hear me?
The police said she had been bailed. She looked up and saw her father standing at the door with a paper bag. Following her father, she found that his hair was much grayer and his back was hunched. She suddenly remembered that when she was young, her father often let her ride on his neck. When the autumn wind blew, she sneezed with her arms in her arms. Her father took out a coat from the paper bag, which was very rustic in color and style, and handed it to her. She took it and put it on, feeling very warm.
Once upon a time, there was a pig, a monkey and a little boy playing in the park. Pig said: We have a little boy here. The little boy said: We have a monkey here. The monkey said, "We have a pig here.". Pig is angry: How dare you curse!
When he first met her, his first gift was a valuable LV bag; In love, he gave her a luxurious villa as a gift; When he was engaged, his business failed and he was penniless and could not afford any gifts. Touching a few dimes in his hand, he said: Sorry! I can't give you happiness. She shook her head and gently broke off his big hand: although there was only one corner, it was "ten".
Before he left, his mother said, "The child should remember the way home. He arrived in a strange city and earned his first pot of gold with his excellent investment vision. Since then, his business has been booming, and his name is even more unknown in the city. When his mother asked him to go home for New Year's dinner, he was always busy. Because he made a wrong decision in business, he went bankrupt. He was forced to go home.", Mother only said: just remember the way home.
Well known directors came to see their husband and wife to act. It was about extramarital love. He said nothing and did not act. The director seduced him: Is it OK to double the film pay? He still refused, and the director had no choice but to give up. Out of the door, she suddenly ran after him and apologized to the director: he just lost his temper, don't take it to heart. The director looked at her curiously. She lowered her head shyly: he said that life was in and out of the play, and he only wanted to be a stable couple with me.
In order to celebrate his first birthday after breaking up, she sold every birthday gift he gave her in previous years at a low price. Then with the money she bought, she went to the cake room and ordered a big cake with four layers and a hundred white birthday candles for him. On his birthday, she sent him a birthday card with the cake. On the card, she wrote in red ink: I wish you loneliness and a long life!
It is said that it is a joke from the debate contest of the National People's Congress: "Excuse me, do you have a girlfriend?" "This has nothing to do with today's debate." "Please answer my question head-on." "... No." "Then would you like to be my boyfriend?" "I would like to..." "I have no questions, thank you, chairman."
The provincial government should come down for inspection, and the county head repeatedly told the township head: never disgrace the county! The next day, the county head accompanied the inspection team to this village and saw a prosperous scene, especially cattle and sheep all over the mountains... In the evening, the county head and the county head accompanied the inspection team to eat, and the inspection team praised the county and township to improve farmers life There are ways. Suddenly, someone shouted outside the door: "Township head, it's dark, what about the borrowed cattle and sheep?
The surrounding area was demolished, leaving her lonely house. She didn't talk about the disconnection, water supply, power supply and double demolition compensation. Just cut off her phone line once, and she went to the telecom to make a scene... They said she was a crazy mother-in-law. The leader took the lead. In the dark corner, lonely, she guarded the phone. After a while, she said the first sentence since the demolition: "If we want to dismantle it, our daughter who has been missing for three years will never come back.".
A car accident, let them both fall into the death barrier. Conscious, he tried his best to send her to the hospital. The doctor wanted to help him, but he just smiled and shook his head: save her first. He didn't fall down until he saw her being pushed into the operating room: doctor, don't tell her, I sent her here. The doctor asked, why? He was angry: I can't love her, how can I let her miss me for the rest of her life
He was in an air crash, and only one of the more than 100 people on the plane survived. When the rescue team found him, the doctor repeatedly said that it was a miracle that he could survive such a serious injury. Later, she asked him how he persisted. He smiled: "I was thinking, if I am not here, who will give you happiness?"
One day, when I was shopping with my nephew, I passed a toy store and there was a little monkey with long arms hanging from the door. My nephew said to me: Let's buy the monkey. I said: No, I bought you toys. The nephew cried and said, "You see, it's tired to hang there all the time. I can hold it when I buy it, and it won't be tired..."
The teacher asked Xiaozheng to use "as if" to make sentences, and Xiaozheng blurted out: "My brother is like my father." The class laughed. The teacher explained: "This doesn't seem to be very similar. For example, you can say that the motherland is like our mother. Is that a metaphor? "Xiaozheng looked down for a moment, then raised his head and said," But since my father died, my brother has taken care of me like a father. "
This is my third blind date this year. As soon as I sat down, my mother began to talk about the advantages of the girl opposite me. The central idea was that I had to marry her home as my wife. When my mother finished speaking, the other mother began to praise me to her daughter again. Half an hour later, the two mothers gave each other a wink and left the table to leave us alone. She and I looked at each other silently for a minute, "Long time no see." She said first.
When we met, she sat on the river with him. She asked, "If my shoes fall off, will you help me pick them up?" "I'm not a fool!" "..." "... But I can lend you mine..." Years later, he broke her heart, and she decided to come back to the river bank with him before saying goodbye, She asked, "If my shoes fall off, will you pick them up for me or lend them to me?" He said, "Neither"... "" I will carry you ".
A girl broke up and cried. God appeared and asked her why you were so sad? "He left me." "Do you still love him?" The girl nodded heavily. "Does he still love you?" The girl wanted to cry. God smiled and said, "Then it's him who should cry. You just lost a person who didn't love you, and he lost a person who loved him deeply."
When I was young, my father always beat my mother when he came back from drinking. At that time, he could do nothing but cry. When he grew up, he could no longer look at it. He shouted at his poor mother: Do you love him? Divorce him if you don't love him. Don't be so unpromising! Her mother choked for a while and said to him with tears, "Mom doesn't love him, but she loves you..."
Blue was originally just a color, but after meeting you, it became a mood.
He carried her on his back, and she asked him, "Am I heavy?" "The whole world is on his back. Do you think it's heavy?"
After 90 years of wandering, a poet finally stood in front of God. God was puzzled and asked him: "I let you go through so many frustrations in your life and waste time to bear the weight that life can't bear; it's strange that you always smile, can you tell me how to do it?" The poet smiled blankly: "Tell the suffering, we are sugar."