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Tencent Cloud Free GeoTrust DV SSL Certificate Application Process Record

A few years ago, it was not so easy for us to find free ones for website projects or playing with SSL security certificates, and we had to buy them at a high price. Now, due to the popularity of SSL certificates promoted by various service providers, we can find many Free SSL certificate For example, domestic Wotong SSL and foreign SSL Let's Encrypt StartSSL They can be used for free. Even the paid ones are not very expensive. For example, the ones that pay a few dollars in many years are still more expensive.

A few days ago, some netizens mentioned that Tencent Cloud also provides free SSL certificate services( GeoTrust DV SSL Certificate). The validity period is one year. If we want to experience different SSL security certificates, we can try to apply and use them. Although it is not permanently free, it can still be used for one year free of charge. Next year, you can either replace other SSL, or it may continue to be free. For the difference between SSL and domain name, we do not need to worry about which one to use in the first year, and whether the replacement in the second year will have an impact.

First, Tencent Cloud Free SSL Website

Free SSL address:

Second, the process of applying for a free GeoTrust DV SSL certificate

We need to log in to Tencent Cloud Account, and then we can see the option of free SSL certificate.

 Process of applying for free GeoTrust DV SSL certificate

As shown in the figure above, click the "Apply for Certificate" button.

 Process of applying for free GeoTrust DV SSL certificate

Here we can see the introduction of the free SSL certificate, which is valid for one year. Click OK to continue.

 Free SSL certificate verification

Here, we must enter a domain name like "www.laozuo. org", which is not an absolute root domain name like "laozuo. org".

 Verify domain name ownership

Here we can verify ownership by modifying DNS and mailbox. Here Lao Zuo uses email to verify, and waits for approval after the application is completed.

 Waiting for SSL audit

Here we are waiting for the mail to come. Then Lao Zuo added the following content.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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