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AliCloud ECS VPS Host Configuration and Performance User Experience Record in Western America

Our users Alibaba Cloud ECS The server should be relatively familiar. Because of the emergence of these big businessmen, the entire IDC market is undergoing a reshuffle, including some small IDC service providers who need to adjust their business direction and product projects. There were many netizens chatting with Laozuo before. After the emergence of these businesses, IDC business is very difficult to do, but there is still a market. For example, we can adjust the business direction, pay attention to reputation and brand maintenance, and reduce profits to a certain extent.

To a certain extent, today's competitive market has more choices for our users. For businesses, both individuals and companies need to provide market segmentation services, and it is not that these big businesses have no opportunities. For example, what Lao Zuo wants to experience today is Alibaba Cloud ECS In terms of price, the minimum monthly fee for servers in Western America is 75 yuan, and only 1MBPS bandwidth is available, so there is little advantage in configuration.

In terms of basic configuration and price, it is certainly inferior to our personal or company service providers, which brings us many opportunities. In this article, let's take a look at the performance and parameter experience of AliCloud VPS hosts in Western America.

First, Alibaba Cloud's official website

Official website address:

At present, the minimum monthly fee for VPS hosts in western America is 75 yuan, 1GB of memory and 1Mbps of bandwidth. For example, Alibaba Cloud users can use a 10% discount code for their first purchase“ kmyyf2 "At present, it can only be used in the first purchase of Alibaba Cloud ECS servers.

Second, AliCloud Maxi test IP


Third, the basic configuration information of Alibaba ECS Maxi

 Basic configuration information of Alibaba ECS Maxi

Fourth, Ping speed parameters of random nodes

 Random node Ping speed parameter

Fifth, random node download and IO test

 Random node download and IO test

Sixth, route tracking test track

 Route tracing test track

In conclusion, the above is the performance parameter experience of AliCloud ECS servers VPS hosts in the western United States. The price is relatively expensive, and the advantage of 1mbps bandwidth is not obvious. If we have other users who have used it, we can leave a message to give you some suggestions and references.

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