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Namecheap Free Comodo SSL Certificate Replacement Symantec SSL Application Process

Lao Zuo has always liked Namecheap businesses. No matter how few promotions are held by many domain name registrars at present, domain name registration and transfer discounts are also offered every year on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and several public welfare festivals. Last night, I believe that many friends like Lao Zuo (if they have registered an NC account) received the activity from Namecheap merchants. This activity is still influential. If our website needs to use SSL certificates, it can apply for free Comodo SSL Certificate (originally paid).

 Namecheap Free Comodo SSL Certificate Replacement Symantec SSL Application Process

This activity is also aimed at what many of our friends saw a few days ago. Chrome will not support Symantec SSL certificates in succession, whether we apply for Symantec related certificates for payment or for free( 6 free SSL certificate application cost saving configuration websites HTTPS encryption website ), which is just an opportunity to replace the certificate for free. You can apply for at least one year for free.

First, preparation for applying for free Comodo SSL certificate

1. The domain name that applies for a free Comodo SSL certificate needs to already use the Symantec SSL certificate. If the domain name does not use the SSL certificate, it cannot be applied.

2. If our original certificates are Symantec, RapidSSL, Geotrust, and Thawte SSL series, you can apply for them.

3. We need a Namecheap account anyway, or we can't apply.

Second, the free Comodo SSL certificate application process

1. Application address entry

Application address:

2. Submit domain name application

 Free Comodo SSL Certificate Application Process

Here we need to submit the domain name we applied for. We need to make sure that the current domain name SSL is available and is one of Symantec, RapidSSL, Geotrust, and Thawte SSL certificates before we can apply for replacement for free.

 Apply for NAMECHEAP SSL certificate for free

If our current domain name certificate meets the requirements, we can check the above figure and see that you can apply. It is free in the first year and it is not very expensive to renew it for $9 in the next year. If there is no problem, click Activate free SSL.

3. Request to set SSL certificate

A - Set CSR

 Request to set SSL certificate

Here you need to set CSR. Please refer to here: Execute the script and generate the CSR.

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout server.key -out server.csr

Set the options according to the prompts, and then copy them to the text box to continue. Here is a tip. Some information can be entered or scrawled, but we can't scrawl "Common Name". We can only write the domain name we applied for, or the generated CSR will prompt an error.

B - Verify domain name ownership

 Namecheap Free Comodo SSL Certificate Replacement Symantec SSL Application Process - Sheet 5

This should be to verify ownership. I select the DNS option and continue.

C - Improve personal information

 Improve personal information

You need to fill in the certificate information, but most of them can choose optional, so you don't need to fill in the certificate information. You need to fill in the mailbox to receive the information. Finally, let's see if the domain name is wrong. Click Submit.

Third, Namecheap free Comodo SSL certificate verification ownership

1. Wonderful things

 Namecheap Free Comodo SSL Certificate Verification Ownership

Originally, Lao Zuo came in to see how to verify the ownership of the domain name, because it has not been verified before. But I see the figure above. It says that the domain name is one year old, and the domain name is charged in the second year, but it is three years old. No matter what, we can only accept it.

2. Verify domain name ownership

We find "DCV Methods in Use" in the current SSL certificate status, and then according to the information told, I use DNS resolution for verification. Here we perform resolution verification according to the actual settings.

 Verify domain name ownership

We should all know how to resolve CNAME aliases? After parsing, let's wait for approval before deploying the Comodo SSL certificate to the site. After submission, if you don't think the waiting time is long, you can find online customer service to quickly pass. Their customer service is really good.

Fourth, Namecheap deployment and configuration of SSL certificates

It is easy to configure certificates. Copy the files we downloaded, especially the files with the suffix of. ca bundle, into the script, and then drop them to the bottom of. crt without empty lines. At the same time, remember that the. key file we started to produce does not exist. As long as these two files are available, replace the. key and. crt files in our certificate.

After the replacement, we can restart Apache or nginx, depending on our configured environment.

 Namecheap deployment and configuration of SSL certificate

It's really three years.

Fifth, Namecheap Free SSL certificate Application summary

1. Before applying, we must use SSL certificates that meet the free conditions for domain names. Lao Zuo applied with Alibaba Cloud's free Symantec certificate. He previously applied for Western Digital Free SSL certificate If it doesn't meet the conditions, go back and find a time to review the course of Alibaba Cloud's application for Symantec certificates.

2. The process of submitting CSR and verifying the domain name is slightly complicated, but it is not difficult. It can be realized by following the steps. If you have any questions during the process, you can also ask the online customer service. I prefer the online customer service of NC, and the service is really good.

3. It was said that it was one year, but after application, it was found that it was three years. This is really good. However, whether the second year and the third year are free depends on the actual situation after the expiration of the first year. The bug is still wrong.

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