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Interpretation of DigitalOcean account balance expiration terms and use skills

Do we still remember when the official update clause mentioned that the account balance would be expired in a few months last year (a little forgetful)? There were various understandings at that time, for example, the account balance would not be expired before the change clause last year, and maybe the account balance would be expired after the change. No matter what kind of speculation and interpretation, if there is DigitalOcean account % of users and those with balance should receive notification emails in succession.

Whether we DigitalOcean account The $100 balance once applied for through GitHub student account or the $10-20 balance obtained through the newly registered account discount code will expire as long as it is 12 months old, and the same batch of students during the student discount period will expire on May 1 this year. If there is still a balance in our user account, we need to pay more attention to consumption. For example, some netizens have started a 16GB scheme to make trouble.

 Interpretation of DigitalOcean account balance expiration terms and use skills

Here, Lao Zuo collates some notes about DigitalOcean account Use skills and specifications. For example, some netizens don't know how to bind credit cards and open VPS hosts, and then say that the merchants are not good after being automatically charged. These should be noted.

First, about the new registered account

New Registration DigitalOcean account If using coupons( DO coupon sorting )There will be an account balance reward of 5-10 dollars, so many friends will want to speculate on more registered accounts to obtain the account balance. If we have a good grasp of the scale, we can still register several more accounts, such as different account information, mailboxes, and different payment methods for each account. It is still possible to speculate. If it is judged that multiple registered accounts cheat orders, all associated accounts may be locked.

II. Use of account balance

If we recharge the balance, there is no limit on the use period. If we give the balance as a gift, it will have a validity period of 12 months. We need to use it within the validity period. DigitalOcean uses the hourly billing method and deducts fees at the end of each month/the beginning of the next month. If we do not use the machine, it is useless to stop it. It will not deduct fees until the machine is deleted. The account balance will be deducted first. If there is a bound PAYPAL or credit card, it will be automatically deducted from the bound payment method.

Third, about the mailbox receiving information

After opening the DigitalOcean VPS host, the account mailbox will be notified to send the ROOT account information. The weird account mailbox receives too little and often fails to receive emails. So Lao Zuo suggested that you can log in to SSH by using the key method, so there is no need to wait for the ROOT password information. Lao Zuo had previously opened a machine, and received the opening email three days later.

To sum up, there are still some users who are exposed to the use of DigitalOcean merchant machines, but not many are used to build stations. Some projects require multiple machine rooms and free hourly payment. It is observed that there are still some users.

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