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Solution for "You already have an outstanding verification ticket" of DigitalOcean account

Since yesterday, everyone has been enthusiastic“ Use GitHub education benefits to enjoy a free $100 recharge voucher for DigitalOcean "I even saw some strong willed netizens register more than 100 accounts and get more than 100 DO preferential codes. Of course, many scalpers register accounts in a low profile. What I want to say here is that DigitalOcean is particularly strict in account management. If there are associated accounts and multiple accounts registered, all accounts may be blocked, or even have no chance Account may be restricted for no reason.

For example, yesterday I asked my friend to help me register a new account (I certainly don't need my own IP address and my friend's PP account). After registering DigitalOcean, I also recharged $5“ You already have an outstanding verification ticket "Question.


Looking up relevant information, Lao Zuo saw that many users had such problems. There may be several reasons for such problems:

First, the information is not true

When we register our information, it is scrawled. When we improve our personal information, we should be a little more formal;

Second, payment account number one multi registration

When we pay, or open DigitalOcean account At that time, the payment recharging account has been used before. If you use a new account for the second time, it may be restricted. Even if it is not restricted now, it may be restricted in the future.

Third, the IP address problem

If we register by changing the IP address and frequently use different IP login accounts, we may be monitored for account security problems.

If you already have an outstanding verification ticket appears, it is impossible to create a host. How to solve this problem?

resolvent: Submit a TK and ask DigitalOcean how to unblock it. In some cases, we can unblock it. First of all, we need to clarify where our problems are. If you are sure that you can only use one account, you can only use one account. If you are sure that you have not registered others, you can let them solve them with confidence, You can even ask to verify your personal information.

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