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NameCheap is free ME Domain Name Application Tutorial Personal Blog Domain Name Preference

Actually, Namecheap Free Admission. ME Domain Name The activity lasted for a while, but we don't have the US, UK and other regions EDU mailbox failed to register the application. If Laozuo's blog has overseas readers, if you have overseas EDU email, you can directly go to NC Registration on ME is free for one year ME domain name. For The ME domain name can be applied to small project websites, such as personal blogs and individual projects. After all, it is scarce In the era of COM domain name, ME domain name is more suitable for setting up personal blog.

What Lao Zuo needs to share today is how to work in NC ME website registration is free ME domain name. There is really no domain name to register for the time being, so I will register one at random to demonstrate the need of this article. If there is a friend who needs an ME domain name, you can follow the example and read the previous blog GANDI merchants used to offer free services ME Domain Name , but it has expired.

First, NC ME Website

 Free Admission. ME Domain Name

There are several problems to be noted here. Generally, our direct default users may not be successful. You need to have EDU mailboxes in UK, US and other places. If you need them later, don't waste time testing if you don't have them. Secondly, we need to have a more popular GITHUB Student Account Currently free EDU email is restricted, unless we have other EDU suffix mailbox.

Then we enter the domain name to be registered and click the SEARCH button.

Second, add shopping cart


Third, input EDU mailbox to activate


Enter our EDU mailbox and activate it.


Find the email in our mailbox and activate it.

Step 4: Activate the email, enter the NC account and register successfully


Enter our existing NAMECHEAP account, if not, you can also register. Then we will see our confirmed order.


Verify the order and click Finish. Then go to our NC account to see that the domain name has been successfully registered.


To sum up, Lao Zuo has successfully demonstrated the free registration of NAMECHEAP ME domain name. If not, you can leave a message for me. If you don't have an EDU account, Lao Zuo has a friend to transfer the ME domain name to register for you, and you can negotiate a cheap registration.

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