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Namecheap merchants are limited to new users COM domain name $0.88

NameCheap merchant is one of the overseas domain name registrars that Lao Zuo likes. Usually, the discount for their domain name is not too big, and the renewal fee is not cheap. It's just that there are several good promotions for their family every year, and their online customer service can really solve the problem, including several domain names and SSL certificates issued, which can be quickly solved by customer service.

 Namecheap merchants are limited to new users COM domain name $0.88

At present, the NameCheap merchant is carrying out the so-called KingCom promotion, and new purchases are normal The COM domain name is 7.98 dollars, which is about 55 yuan. There is still a discount compared with the previous one, followed by the mail for their home If the COM domain name is newly registered, users can enjoy one The activity price of COM domain name is 0.88 dollars.

First, the official website of Namecheap

Official website address:

II. Details of specific activities

1. 0.88 USD COM for new users

The original text of the received email is as follows:

When can you ever buy a .com domain for just 88 cents? Well, starting August 21 (and while supplies last*), your customers can redeem a .com TLD for just $0.88! All they need to do is to follow your affiliate link and apply the coupon code below:COM88

There is only one day. According to the time difference, it should be OK at present. Because Lao Zuo has an account, he cannot test the validity. Just now, Mr. Tang also tested that the old account is not good.

2. Regular activities

 Namecheap merchants are limited to new users COM domain name $0.88

Regular normal registration COM domain name is equivalent to about 55 yuan. At present, NAMECHEAP merchants have also changed to give privacy protection permanently, which was only given for one year in the early days.

3. Other messy suffixes


If you need to build a junk website (many people used it in the early days, as long as it was cheap), you can register. site,. website,. space,. pw,. press,. us, and. host. The suffix domain name only costs 0.88 dollars.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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