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Use GitHub education benefits to enjoy a free $100 recharge voucher for DigitalOcean

Today's popular information in the IDC circle is the educational benefits offered by GitHub, and the preferential activities for students provided by several well-known overseas IDC related providers such as DigitalOcean, Namecheap, SendGrid, Bitnami, etc. In fact, it only needs to have EDU email can be tied to GitHub to get low price or even free promotional activities. Among these businesses, what attracts us is the free $100 coupon given by DigitalOcean (directly added to the existing verification account, without additional recharge) and the free coupon given by NAMECHEAP ME domain name and free SSL service.

In this article, what Lao Zuo needs to share is the way to get $100 from DigitalOcean. He had already written this article this morning, but he forgot to take a screenshot after receiving the reward, so he reorganized it again. Some steps may not be complete, but we can certainly understand the basic thinking.

 You have successfully obtained a free $100 DigitalOcean screenshot

First, let's take a picture to prove that Lao Zuo could get a free $100 coupon for DigitalOcean when he wrote this article. There is a free 10 dollars for the newly registered account, and the account can be activated by recharging at least 5 dollars. Since I have recharged twice when I was excited, I can see in the figure above that two 5 dollars are recharged by myself (in fact, it only needs to be recharged once), and then use the coupons obtained in GITHUB (introduced below) later, and then I will get 100 dollars.

If you do not have a DigitalOcean account, please refer to the following tutorial to register

The whole process of newly registered DigitalOcean account and free $10 tips for new account

If you already have a DigitalOcean account, go ahead.

Step 1: Login Get Coupons



After logging in, we can see the following list of merchants, including the DO merchants we need. Here we need GET YOUR PACK to bind GITHUB. We need to add one first The EDU mailbox should be set as the primary mailbox in the GITHUB account. Then select during the process EDU email, choose the time of graduation at will, and why use GITHUB to fill in a sentence at will.

PS:. The EDU mailbox can be obtained from Free application, or domestic application EDU. CN can also be used, or you can get it from other channels. If you have time to write a tutorial later.


In this way, we can get the recharge code of 100 yuan voucher in DO account.

Step 2: Log in to DigitalOcean to recharge

Sign in Address, we can see the recharge interface. By default, PROMO CODE in the third line should have an input box. Enter the discount code obtained above, and then directly enter it, you can automatically add $100 to our DO current account, and you will see the first picture of this article.

If we can't see the input box when logging in to the account, because the old left has encountered it, we will be prompted that the discount has been used, because we used the $10 discount reward when registering a new account, there may be no box, and the solution is simple.

skill: Through the backstage SUPPORT, submit a TK to tell him that you have received a $100 coupon from GITHUB, but there is no place to enter it. I hope to get help and flatter him with some thanks. In general, you can see the input box and input. In the second case, I have also met the situation, which directly added $100 to our account. It's really heroic.

In this way, the process of using GitHub educational benefits to enjoy a free $100 recharge voucher for DigitalOcean is introduced in more detail. The process needs us to explore, and I can't have all the screenshots, and all the skills are shared. Laozuo wishes you good luck.

DigitalOcean official website:

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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