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Dedipath official farewell email notification with ECS selection suggestions

A few days ago, many of our netizens should have seen rumors about the impending closure of Dedipath. At that time, some netizens received an email notification from Dedipath. But Lao Zuo didn't receive it. Neither did he write a work order nor did he respond to the online customer service. But yesterday, he received a confirmation email from them, which was sent from the sales department. It should be confirmed that the business is about to close. The specific original text is as follows:

If we haven't backed up the data yet, we should back up the data in time. If the payment is made by PP or other payment methods, see whether the dispute refund can be applied. If we go to the official, we don't expect to get a refund. After all, their current financial situation is still relatively difficult.

Lao Zuo has been in contact with cloud service providers for more than ten years. He has seen that many service providers, large and small, have notified to close their doors, but not notified to close their doors. Some old service providers have run away, and some new service providers have run away. In fact, when we choose any service provider, we should make a prediction. From the safe filing of data to the cost risk of service providers.

1. Back up data irregularly

If important data needs to be backed up irregularly.

2. Decentralized selection

We choose service providers. Of course, the products of these service providers are suitable for our business, but we should try our best to be decentralized rather than centralized. And the choice should not be too long. For example, half a year is the most appropriate. Of course, if there are mainstream reliable service providers, then three years and five years are OK. For example, when we choose Tencent Cloud Alibaba Cloud service provider, I prefer to purchase and renew the service within three or five years. After all, the cost is low and the risk of running away is not great.

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