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How do students choose ECS hosts? From student dedicated server to return to the project itself

Recently, many netizens should start to worry about whether to continue Chinese websites. After all, with the increase and persistence of Chinese websites that have persisted for many years, the actual effect is not as good as before. After all, domestic We Media and short video traffic divide most of the traffic, and this trend is becoming more and more obvious. So some friends are considering private domain traffic and streaming media traffic, and began to reduce the proportion of independent websites.

 How do students choose ECS hosts? From student dedicated server to return to the project itself

Today, a netizen may be a student, asking if there is an ECS suitable for students. In fact, many cloud service providers have launched their own activity products that are suitable for students, which are cheaper than ordinary personal activities. For students' special activities, we only need to meet the student identity. Here Lao Zuo will talk about the choice of student server and the project itself that may be referred to by current mainstream websites.

First, student server selection

The so-called student server is nothing more than a server suitable for students. Some service providers offer preferential activities suitable for students. For example, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Huawei Cloud Login service providers all have activities for students, as long as we apply for the qualification of composite students. However, we will also see that the student server configuration is limited to fixed packages and service life.

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Second, student server configuration

We mentioned earlier that some service providers may provide students with exclusive welfare server products. However, these configurations are generally fixed and may be suitable for some projects, but some projects may have lower configurations. Most service providers provide students with only entry-level products. If our business is relatively large, we should apply for servers or other virtual machines from these cloud service providers.

Whether it is a student server or a business server, we mainly depend on whether the business itself is suitable. If your business is just suitable, then your server can be used. If your business data volume is large and you need a larger configuration server, you need to select a higher configuration server separately. After all, the student server configuration provided by most service providers is relatively low. It is suitable for basic entry of general business.

Third, review the server business itself

In the process of selecting a server, we students should not only see that the server is cheap when they choose it, but also see whether it is suitable for your business when we choose it. All needs to start from their own business and project itself, and then choose the server. The business should not be affected by choosing a low configuration student server, which may ultimately lead to poor project stability. It leads to the loss of users, poor transformation and low income. This result is not worth the loss.

Finally, I would like to say that the price of general student service is basically the same as that of new users' entry server configuration. It is unnecessary for us to completely choose the exclusive server for students. Some student servers are still expensive when they are renewed, which is not as high as the cost of our normal server selection. In today's era when the cost of basic services, such as servers and domain names, is relatively low, we should not spend important time on these choices.

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