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Count several domestic mainstream VPS free server vendors and free duration

For general domestic mainstream service providers, there are VPS free server products that provide free experience for new customers to experience ECS, including other cloud products. Of course, in addition, there are also policies for ECS to support refunds within a specific market cycle. If we choose a domestic cloud service provider, these ECS servers provide a certain amount of free VPS and experience period. If you want to use them, you can check them.

First, Tencent Cloud Free Server

 Tencent Cloud Free Account

Tencent Cloud has the qualification to provide free new account experience, but it needs to be mentioned here. If we experience the free qualification, it may affect our new guest discount activities. Because the first order of new customers of Tencent Cloud is more favorable. Tencent Cloud offers different degrees of incentives to new customers, individuals and enterprises. Of course, enterprises will enjoy greater incentives. Three month free ECS is available. Six months of COS object storage and one month of cloud database. Support 90+free products to experience.

Second, Huawei Cloud free server

 Huawei Cloud Free Account

In the past two years, Huawei Cloud has also begun to enter the public's personal and enterprise users. Previously, Huawei Cloud was engaged in government and enterprise business. There are 10+cloud services. For example, there are 1500 hours of ECS, EIP, and EVS. If we have completed the enterprise certification, we can obtain 1700+USD rights and interests. Huawei Cloud has relatively few cloud products, but it can meet the needs of mass users.

Third, AliCloud free servers

Alibaba Cloud provides 100+free cloud products for new customers, including free VPS ECS products. Individual and enterprise users have specific configuration packages Free ECS three months. Specification information includes ① E-series 2-core 2GB or 2-core 4GB (200 yuan free per month); ② The free amount of public network traffic is 80 yuan per month (can be used to deduct 100GB domestic regional traffic)

In this way, the free VPS server products provided by the above three mainstream domestic cloud service providers can experience the application.

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