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Comparison of several foreign free VPS hosts, which is the most affordable

For the need of foreign trade server business, we can check whether the merchants provide free experience when we choose overseas servers at the initial stage. For example, we see that domestic cloud service providers have free applications for one month or three months of ECS experience. If it feels good, you can continue to use it. Similarly, in our foreign trade business, we have selected many cloud server vendors, but not many have free experience. In this article, we are going to organize three mainstream cloud server vendors and provide free VPS host packages. We can apply according to our own needs and registration requirements.

First, Amazon ECS

Amazon ECS should be familiar to us. We are familiar with this brand. It is the cloud server business of the world's top Internet companies. At present, Amazon Cloud provides international and domestic cloud services. What we need for our foreign trade business is to choose AWS servers in overseas regions or other cloud computing products. The data center covers dozens of data centers around the world, meeting most of our overseas foreign trade business. There are also hundreds of other cloud office products.

We can see that Amazon Cloud has hundreds of cloud products such as servers, databases, CDNs, and object storage. Provided for new customers Free ECS EC2 has a maximum time of 12 months. Of course, it is a limited fixed package. If it exceeds the package, it will be charged additionally. It is enough for us to choose a free package for entry-level people.

When we applied for the Amazon Cloud free server, it was very simple. We only need to prepare real personal information. If you fill in the information, it may be blocked or the application cannot be obtained. In addition, credit card verification and mobile phone acceptance of verification code SMS are required in the process. Of course, these are official acts. It is suitable for individuals and enterprises, but domestic regions do not support individual applications. When we use free cloud products, they are free only if they meet the free package. If they exceed the time or the package, they need to be charged.

Second, Google ECS

Google cloud service products are based on Google's cloud product brands. For domestic friends, it may not be used much. After all, many of us are inaccessible. If it is for offshore business, friends may choose their cloud products, including cloud servers, databases, and even domain names. The stability of Google ECS products should be good. There are multiple data centers around the world, and the traffic billing mode is adopted.

Google Cloud Server products provide new customers with a free 90 day experience fee of $300. We can use it to experience ECS or other cloud products for free. Of course, credit cards need to be bound when applying, and other information is conventional. The registration process is relatively simple, but the ECS we are using does not need to be deleted in time, otherwise the fees will continue to be deducted.

Third, Oracle server

Oracle Cloud service providers also provide cloud service products. Including ECS, database, CDN and other products, users can also apply for free. For example, two AMD Compute VM servers, up to four ARM Ampere A1 Compute instances, 3000 OCPU hours and 18000 GB hours per month, and two Oracle Autonomous Databases are provided for permanent free, including powerful tools such as Oracle APEX and Oracle SQL Developer. And a certain amount of free experience gold.

In the past, it was easy to apply for Oracle free server accounts, but now it seems that it does not support our domestic user applications, mainly because many people applied maliciously and were banned. So if we are still overseas, we can apply for a try. In China, most of them cannot apply.

In conclusion, the above three overseas cloud service providers provide a certain amount of Free ECS , there are permanent servers, some for several months, and some for one year. Relatively speaking, it is easier to apply for Amazon's cloud server. Google can't open it in many places, and Oracle can't apply for it in China.

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