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Vagex online moneymaking platform is open for registration within one week

What can we do with idle VPS machines? Yes, there are some good foreign platforms that can make money by hanging up their phones. The popular Vagex hanging up and making money platform is not open for registration every day. The account numbers are precious, and many people have transaction accounts on the trading platform. From today, the platform will be open for registration for a limited period of one week. No matter whether you need it temporarily or not, as long as you play VPS, it is recommended to register one for future use. If you have the ability to register more than one, you can sell it to other platforms after suspicious registration.

 Vagex transaction

If you are ready to register an account, please follow Lao Zuo.

Step 1: Log in to the official Vagex website

Vagex official website address:


Click the "Sign Up" text link in the upper right corner to register an account.


Step 2: Activate and log in

After registration, you need to activate our email address, and then you can log in to your account.

Step 3. Account Precautions

Each account is limited to three IPs/machines online at the same time. If multiple IPs/machines need to be supported at the same time, multiple accounts need to be applied. Paypal and PAYZA can be used to collect money, so you need to register an account and prepare multiple paypal and other collection tools. At present, it is 35000 points to exchange one dollar, and you can apply for withdrawal when the amount reaches 10 dollars.

If you have idle VPS, you can use these hang up tools to make money“ Complete Vagex Linux VPS hang up and make money tutorial (Debian 32bit) "I wrote a LINUX based hang up tutorial. If it is a WIN system, it is very simple. Download the software directly. You can hang up directly if you have installed components above Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0.

In the future, Lao Zuo has added a new direction for writing tutorials. There should be many other similar projects for VPS to make money on hook.

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