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Host Virtual (VR) Hong Kong VPS data center to ship 2G memory, monthly payment of $40

Since the beginning of the year, the machine exhaust of the US line has been quite fierce. It seems that it has improved a lot recently. In the past few months, all the heroes have successively launched the products of the Hong Kong Data Center. Even though the water pipes in the machine rooms of Asian lines such as Hong Kong and Singapore are relatively small, the basic needs for speed can at least be met for general websites. As another high, rich and handsome VPS merchant product, Host Virtual (customarily called VR) also has Hong Kong machines, but it has been out of stock. Today, Lao Zuo has seen that it has already been in stock, and friends who need it can buy it.

  • Memory: 2048MB
  • Hard disk: 40GB
  • Traffic: 400GB
  • Price: $40/month
  • Buy Link
  • Memory: 4048MB
  • Hard disk: 80GB
  • Traffic: 800GB
  • Price: $80/month
  • Buy Link

The host virtual adopts the XEN architecture, and its cost performance and stability are comparable to that of linode. Based on the fact that the supply of Hong Kong data has always been insufficient, the official has rarely launched Hong Kong machines. This delivery is bound to start with many Gao Fushai webmasters. The only regret is that there is no 1G solution product. For the grassroots webmaster, it is a bit extravagant and wasteful to spend 40 dollars a month to buy 2G machines.

Host Virtual Purchase Tutorial

Step 1: Log in to the official website

 Official website of vr

Step 2: Click BUY to directly purchase the 2G scheme, or click LEARN MORE to select another scheme.


We have seen that the 2G-4G scheme is available for the Hong Kong computer room. Select the ORDER NOW you need

Step 3: Determine the scheme


I don't know why VR has been out of stock and doesn't want to continue to expand its development? It's better to hold on to old customers, so we often see that most machine rooms are out of stock.

Finally, register an account to pay


Register an account for payment, and write the information in Pinyin. You can pay with credit cards, PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin.

In a word, a simple tutorial will introduce you. If you need friends, you can buy them.

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