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Record the process of Lao Zuo receiving the AliCloud server renewal discount

As a rule, Lao Zuo likes to arrange half a day on the last day of each month to check whether there are servers and domain names that need to be renewed. It is not seen that an AliCloud domain name expires tomorrow and an AliCloud server expires next week. Every time I mention Alibaba Cloud renewal, I wonder if it is a headache. There are many promotional activities, but there are few discounts for our regular users. The first day is cheap, and the second year's renewal will charge you back several times of the fee, making it difficult for you to migrate. Most of the records are connected.

I didn't think that there was an updated Alibaba Cloud renewal discount a few days ago( Renewal and upgrade promotions for old AliCloud server users - minimum 30% off purchase limit )See if I qualify for the renewal offer. Somehow, the minimum renewal fee is about 60%, which is a little cheaper than the original renewal fee. If we need to renew AliCloud servers, we can participate in this activity. Lao Zuo here records the process of renewing AliCloud servers. Because I have held them for a long time, I will get a 30% discount.

If we need a renewal, we need to get the coupon first.

Here, Lao Zuo can get the discount of five-year qualification according to the server holding time in his account. It is not possible to renew the server for five years, but it can only be renewed for one year. However, if our server is held for a long time, there will be a big discount. For example, a 30% renewal fee is given for servers held for one year.

Here I get the coupon and renew it on the server.

Here we see the current server and click Renew.

Here, you can only renew the fee for one year, which is a discount. Others are not. I need the original price to be more than 800, and the automatic discount will be more than 600 before there is a discount. Somehow save some.

Finally, we can pay normally. In this way, you can give a little discount for a one-year renewal. If we are qualified to buy a new server, try to buy a new server and buy it for a long time, and participate in the current Double 11 activities( Interpretation of the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Double 11 Cloud Carnival )。

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