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Discuss whether SSL certificates bind domain names or IP addresses

For most friends, the SSL certificate we choose is generally configured for the domain name of the website. After all, after selecting the SSL certificate, we need to activate the configuration by entering the corresponding domain name for verification and then configuring it to the corresponding domain name of the website. But do we also know that SSL certificates can still use IP addresses? Some of our projects, such as intranet projects, may not use independent domain names, but directly use the server's IP address to transfer files.

 Discuss whether SSL certificates bind domain names or IP addresses

However, if you need to configure the SSL certificate for the IP address, you need the public IP address. If we need to apply for an SSL certificate for an IP address, we need to submit it to the certificate agent. Of course, this IP must be an independent IP. After the IP address is authenticated and owned, we need to submit the activation configuration certificate, and then we configure it to the server where the corresponding IP is located. If we need to change the IP address in the future, we need to buy the certificate again. Whether it is an independent IP address or a domain name, the certificate applied for purchase is unique, and subsequent domain name replacement and IP authorization are not supported. Otherwise, you can only buy again.

Here, regardless of whether the SSL certificate is bound to the domain name or IP, it is supported. Subsequent applications need to be bound to the server.

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