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How does Windows VPS remotely connect to the server (local remote client)

After we choose a Windows VPS host, we also need to connect remotely. Some friends are looking for client software. For example, mRemoteNG is an easy to use, open source remote connection manager with functions such as labeling, automatic reconnection, and screen resizing. But in fact, we only need to use the local remote connection client of WIN client.

1. Open Client


Here we can call out the client to run.

2. Enter mstsc

Enter mstsc to call up the remote client.

Here we enter the IP: port of the server. Then enter the user name: Administrator and password according to the prompt to log in. Of course, we need to check the specific password port provided by the service provider. The default port is 3389, and some are custom ports.

In this way, we can actually use the WIN computer client without installing third-party software Windows VPS remote connection

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