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JustHost VPS host optional tutorial and 15+data centers can switch machine rooms independently

JustHost, a well-known old brand Russian merchant, provides a more flexible cloud server VPS host and independent server. The characteristics of the merchant's products include providing more than 15 data centers, a high cost performance ratio of 200M, unlimited traffic at the beginning, and optional switching machine rooms. If necessary, you can switch the computer room and IP in the background. In this article, I will simply review the purchase process of JustHost VPS hosts.

 JustHost VPS host optional tutorial and 15+data centers can switch machine rooms independently

At present, we can see that JustHost merchants also support Chinese, which is easy to choose. Currently, VPS and independent servers are available. Here we demonstrate VPS selection.

We can directly select several schemes recommended by default, namely HDD, SSD and HVMe. Of course, we can also directly pull down custom options.

Select the system as required, or provide one click software installation.

At present, there are more than ten data centers available. We can directly select one or auto allocate it. Generally, we start to select the computer room we need. There are many European computer rooms, which are suitable for the business needs of European computer rooms.

The configuration here is to customize and drag as needed. For example, if the bandwidth starts at 200M, the maximum 1G bandwidth can be selected. The longer the payment period is, there is still a discount, such as 20% discount for annual payment. The hard disk can be SSD, NVMe or HDD.

JustHost merchants also offer a 20% discount.

JustHost VPS discount code (20% off): LET20  

JustHost independent server discount code (95% discount): PROMO5

Then we choose directly.

We can see direct payment for orders here, and Alipay is supported.

After payment, you need to wait for approval and activation. Then log in to the background and you can see the opened hosts in the [Subscribed Services] for management.

Here, we can see that click Control to enter VPS host management.

In conclusion, we can choose JUSTHOST VPS host according to the above tutorial. We can see that the host manufacturer still has some characteristics. For example, it is suitable for the needs of European VPS host business, or it has large bandwidth and can flexibly change the machine room and IP.

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