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Is it necessary to enable the SSL protocol? Role of SSL certificate

Is it necessary to enable the SSL protocol? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a secure communication protocol that provides encryption and authentication functions for network communication. For example, by using SSL certificates, websites and applications can enhance users' trust in their security. When users see the lock icon or green address bar in the browser's address bar, they know that they are establishing a connection with an authenticated secure website. In particular, our website business has data and user security. We must enable SSL certificates to ensure that security information is intercepted.

First, the role of SSL certificates

If our website or business uses SSL certificates, they can be used to establish a secure encrypted connection between the client and the server, ensure that the data transmitted on the Internet is protected, and prevent unauthorized third parties from stealing or tampering.

SSL certificates are mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Data encryption

SSL certificates use public key encryption technology to encrypt the transmitted data into unreadable ciphertext, which can only be decrypted by the server with the private key. This can prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, etc.

2. Authentication

The SSL certificate verifies the identity authenticity of the website through the digital signature mechanism. The certification authority (CA) will strictly authenticate the website to ensure its legitimacy and credibility. When a user visits a website using an SSL certificate, the browser will check the validity of the certificate. If the verification is passed, a lock shaped icon will be displayed, indicating that the connection is secure.

3. SEO optimization

According to the rules of the search engine, if our website enables SSL certificates, it is weighted, so we still try to enable SSL certificates for our website.

In general, SSL certificates play an important role in protecting data security, verifying website identity, improving search rankings and supporting HTTPS protocol.

Second, the type of SSL certificate

Different projects and application scenarios use different SSL certificates. For example, most of our ordinary personal websites will enable DV domain name certificates. If we are an organization, we need to enable an organization specific certificate. Of course, different certificates need to submit different qualifications.

Here, let's see what types of SSL certificates are available.

1. Domain name verification certificate (DV certificate)

A common SSL certificate type used to verify whether the domain name of a website is valid. It only needs to verify the ownership of the domain name, which can be issued in a few minutes.

2. Organization Verification Certificate (OV Certificate)

This certificate not only verifies the ownership of the domain name, but also verifies the legitimacy of the organization or enterprise behind the website. Issuing such a certificate requires a more rigorous verification process, which usually takes several days to audit, depending on the audit cycle of the service provider.

3. Enhanced Verification Certificate (EV Certificate)

EV certificates provide the highest level of authentication and trust. It not only verifies the legitimacy of domain names and organizations, but also requires more detailed verification, including the legal status and identity verification of organizations. The EV certificate will display the green company name in the browser address bar, increasing the user's trust in the website.

4. Wildcard certificate

It is used to protect multiple sub domains under the same domain name. For example, a wildcard certificate can be used to protect multiple sub domains such as,, and

Of course, there are multiple domain name certificates and other certificates, which are commonly used.

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