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ZBlog PHP Theme - Simple Life Blog Theme

Since he came into contact with the ZBLOG PHP version, Lao Zuo has found it easy to use and efficient, especially when building his own blog or small CMS website with this CMS. Sometimes I wonder if I can turn Laozuo's blog into ZBP when I have time, but I promised many friends that the theme of Laozuo's blog would be ready to share in the next week.

The following theme is the same as the previous Fried Egg Theme It was done during the Tomb Sweeping Day. I forgot it was still in my computer, so I sorted it out and released it. This theme is transplanted from the TYPECHO theme of pagecho. The whole theme does not use a picture, only text. It is a very portable personal website/blog theme for your favorite friends.


Recently, Lao Zuo has released many topics in succession. Later, we will improve and upgrade the functions and modifications of the previous topics to make them more perfect according to your feedback.

Theme download address of ZBLOG application platform:

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