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DigiPLUS Acquires BurstNet to Relocate Data Center

Since the second half of last year, I have vaguely felt that there was something wrong with BurstNet and various services could not keep up with it. It should be that the internal staff were in turmoil and did not work well (guess), so the left's commission of more than 800 dollars has been in arrears, so there was the left's“ BurstNET Is this the rhythm of running "One article. I haven't paid attention to the official specific public information all the time, but saw various webmaster forums at home and abroad complain that their products and services can't keep up with each other, and do not deal with various services and ordered products at all.

In fact, on April 1, they published the confirmation information of the acquisition on their official website, DigiPLUS Acquisition of BurstNet Re layout the data center. The specific announcement is as follows:

After DigiPLUS took over BurstNet, it needs to migrate the original data center to North Carolina, which is why many users have recently seen their original machines shut down and the original OVZ scheme offline. The CEO of the new company said that the current data center migration is a big challenge, which is really a challenge. You should always have customer service to solve the problem. You can't use automatic response to deal with users, and even I can't renew the fee.

In the next few months, the original BurstNET brand will remain unchanged, but will gradually transition to the name of the new company. We all know BurstNET's reputation and number of users in the host field. Laozuo also hopes that their transition is temporary. If the takeover is not good, it will lead to the decline of such a powerful brand.

I hope that after the new company takes over, my commission will be paid to me.

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