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ZBlog PHP Theme - Transplant Fried Egg Website Template

Lao Zuo also saw some good wordpress themes before and then migrated them to ZBLOG ASP for use. But now when we use virtual hosts and VPS, Linux is more popular than Windows, and the popularity of PHP language has exceeded the original awesome ASP. Moreover, the current mainstream blog programs include wordpress, Typecho, and ZBLOG, which was famous in ASP blogs, also has PHP versions.

This fried egg theme is transplanted from the fried egg theme of TYPCHO version. Yesterday, there was no network when I came home from the holiday, so I always needed to do something, so I transplanted the TYPECHO fried egg theme reserved in the computer to ZBLOG PHP edition. First publish it to Laozuo's blog, and tomorrow find a domain name to do a demonstration station.


If a friend likes this style, I will download it after I release it to the ZBLOG application platform tomorrow, and I can put forward any suggestions and modifications. In the future, any theme will continue to be updated until everyone is satisfied.

ZBLOG application platform download address:

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