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BurstNET Is this the rhythm to prepare for running?

It should be that since the second half of last year, BurstNET has experienced fluctuations in both service and product stability. There are still hundreds of dollars left in the commission for product promotion at BurstNET. At the beginning of each communication, I was told that the system was being adjusted to wait, which has been from 2013 to 2014. Now I basically ignore the email application to them.


The hard earned money is so unpaid. There are more than 800 dollars in total. You can buy a lot of VPS. It doesn't matter if you don't pay for your products. After the Spring Festival this year, many friends found that their machines could not be switched on, so Lao Zuo wrote to them (we can also see the automatic reply when we write to them), saying that it was to move the machine room. The problem is that we don't know when to move. Anyway, all TK messages are automatically replied.

Even if you change the computer room, I won't wait for your previous computer room. If we want to continue using the computer room that we can use, we have to renew it. So look here again. When I renew it, I can't link to PAYPAL, so I can't renew it.


So at present, my customers have dozens of machines that can only be automatically expired. If BurstNET wants to run, run quickly. Your mission has been completed.

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