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BuyVM new unlimited flow streaming media optimization VPS host 1GB memory monthly payment $5 start

BuyVM merchants are relatively old service providers. In the early years, they provided cheap VPS hosts with low annual payment. Lao Zuo still remembered that he bought them in the middle of the night. However, because the risk control of this merchant is very strict, even some normal operations will lead to account closure, so no one paid attention to it later. It is estimated that the rush purchase of low-cost VPS hosts by our risk control has been at a loss. In the past two years, businesses have been readjusted, and risk control has also been relatively standardized. For example, Lao Zuo just started their new online streaming media optimization VPS host, and there is no hint of discomfort.

 BuyVM new unlimited flow streaming media optimization VPS host 1GB memory monthly payment $5 start

At present, BuyVM merchants provide New Jersey, Miami, etc Four machine rooms VPS host of. This time, the merchant has added "China Special - STREAM RYZEN" streaming media optimization VPS host, which can be used for those who need overseas streaming media channels.

PS: We must use it regularly.

First, streaming media solution VPS host package

Lao Zuo just tested and got one, without any problems. He supports Alipay payment to be launched immediately. But we need to reconfigure ourselves to assign streaming media optimized IP addresses to the server. It is not assigned by default.

CPU Memory NVMe Price purchase
1 core 1G 20G $5/month link
1 core 2G 40G $9/month link
1 core 4G 80G $18/month link

No flow restriction.

Second, the process after opening

We select the corresponding image when it is enabled by default. By default, we can log in to the server according to the information given in the activation email. It is used like our regular VPS and ECS. However, if we need to use the streaming media optimization function IP, we need to assign the streaming media IP address to the server.

Server management platform:

Here we need to log in to the server management platform. The user name here is also the mailbox, but the password is different from our password on the main panel. If possible, we reset the password.

 BuyVM New Unlimited Streaming Media Optimization VPS Host 1GB Memory Monthly Payment Start - Page 2

Here we can see that the streaming media optimization IP address has not been classified to the server. We need to manually set and set the primary IP address. That is to say, it cannot be used directly. The default IP address is the conventional server IP address, not the optimized IP address.

How to bind the media optimized IP address is not covered in this article because of the time problem. Lao Zuo will take a moment tomorrow to share how to bind the media IP to the primary IP of the VPS host by default.

Updated article reference: BuyVM Streaming Media VPS IP Address Configuration Effective Method (Set Streaming Optimized Primary IP)

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