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Comprehensive evaluation of DiyVM Hong Kong Shatian CN2 cloud server (2G memory and 2M bandwidth start)

Lao Zuo re evaluated the two computer rooms of DiyVM stores in Los Angeles and Osaka last week. Among them, it is estimated that the Los Angeles computer room in the United States is out of stock and has been taken off the shelves, but existing users can still use it. Third, the Hong Kong computer room we mainly selected has not yet been evaluated. In this article, Lao Zuo plans to conduct a detailed evaluation on the Hong Kong Shatian computer room of DiyVM merchants.

DiyVM Hong Kong Shatian machine room also uses CN2 to optimize the line. At present, Lao Zuo has started and is in use. I personally feel that if the Chinese business needs to use, although the Japanese machine room is also CN2, the stability of the line is not as good as that of the Hong Kong machine room, so we will take a look at the Hong Kong machine room in this article, and then compare what we have seen before Japanese computer room

We can refer to the evaluation of computer rooms in Japan and the United States:

1. Japanese computer room evaluation- DiyVM Japan Osaka machine room ECS line speed comprehensive evaluation (5M bandwidth 2GB memory unlimited flow)

2. American computer room evaluation- Comprehensive evaluation of DiyVM CN2 ECS performance in Los Angeles, USA - speed, routing, backhaul, download rate, etc

Here, let's take a look at the Hong Kong computer room. We can first look at the configuration information of the Hong Kong computer room.

CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth IP Price Purchase address
2 cores 2G 50G 2M one ¥ 50/month Select Scheme
4-core 4G 60G 3M one ¥ 100/month Select Scheme
4-core 8G 70G 3M four ¥ 200/month Select Scheme
4-core 16G 80G 3M six RMB 400/month Select Scheme

See that the starting point is 2GB of memory and 2M of bandwidth, which is the discounted price and needs to be used OFF50 50% off.

I. PING test delay performance

 Comprehensive evaluation of DiyVM Hong Kong Shatian CN2 cloud server (2G memory and 2M bandwidth start)

We can see that the PING speed delay of our domestic nodes is good.

Routing of nodes in the second and third line

Here we test the travel test of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom respectively.

 Three line node routing

Here we can see the optimized direct connection of three networks.

Third, routing backhaul test node

Here we test whether the telecom node is the 59.43 optimized CN2 node.

Fourth, Hong Kong ECS configuration information

The Hong Kong ECS I have been using has not been down for 629 days.

Fifth, network support and CPU performance

In conclusion, we can see that the DIYVM Hong Kong ECS used by Lao Zuo is relatively stable and has not been down for nearly two years. Hong Kong ECS starts with 2M bandwidth and 2G memory. Generally, it is enough to build a website. Of course, it can also install the WIN system. By default, the mount disk is in the HOME directory. If you need to mount it separately, you need to change the mount directory.

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