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Difference between Amazon Cloud free ECS and paid ECS

From the perspective of marketing, free ECS or experience hosts provided by general cloud service providers are actually different from paid ECS. For example, we can see that the free hosts provided by some overseas service providers are relatively low in configuration and not stable. Even after the establishment of the site, the host requires forced pop-up ads or must place ads at the designated location of the website, otherwise it will be removed from the free license.

Of course, the stability of free hosts provided by some host companies is not high, so marketing customer service will recommend you to upgrade to the paid host scheme. But now we see some free or experience hosts provided by domestic and foreign mainstream Internet companies. In fact, the stability performance is no different from the actual commercial products. After all, the strength of others is there, but most of the cloud service providers we see will only be free for one month or at most three months.

However, we can see that the EC2 ECS provided by Amazon Cloud Service International is free for one year, which is a bit absurd. Generally, service providers without strength will not do this. In addition, we are good at collecting wool, so are they not afraid? We also met many service providers before, such as Conoha in Japan, Oracle in the United States and other service providers, because we were afraid of canceling their applications. For Amazon cloud service providers, their free cloud server activities are free for at least five years. And the activity is still continuing. Of course, there are some differences between free and paid ECS.

First, specify the server configuration

It is unrealistic to say that free servers or other cloud products are not limited at all. There are more than 100 cloud products for Amazon new customers to experience for free, of which ECS is limited to the specified package. The specified package has hardware configuration restrictions.

We can see the 12 month free ECS solution in the above figure( Free application qualification )It is a 1-core 1G30G SSD configuration. If the traffic is exceeded or an upgrade is required, a separate upgrade fee is required. Similarly, the same is true for other cloud products, which are free in the specified scheme. If the time or traffic exceeds, or the advanced configuration is upgraded, you need to pay.

Because for businesses, their starting point is to let users experience the product and the same configuration and stability as the designated commercial products. If the product is suitable for business needs, it is recommended that they also want to upgrade it for long-term use.

Second, pay more than resource upgrade

The difference between Amazon Cloud free ECS and paid ECS is that the new account we open can be opened for free (you can see the note when you select the configuration). The specified package is free and requires resources within the configuration range. If you exceed the actual use of resources, such as traffic, you need to charge the excess traffic separately. If you use less than or within the range, you can complete the duration of free use of the corresponding package.

Amazon ECS adopts elastic billing. If the ECS we have opened does not need to be used, it can also be deleted and re opened. You can re open other designated computer room areas. In short, you can delete, re open or shut down the ECS at will within 12 months. In short, the total free time is 12 months after you open your account.

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The same is true for cloud products including other free experiences. If you do not use them, you will not be eligible to use them after 12 months of account opening.

In conclusion, there is no essential difference between free ECS and paid ECS provided by Amazon Cloud, and the products are the same. However, the specified package can be used for free within one year after the new account is opened. If you need to upgrade the package or continue to use it after 12 months, you need to pay according to the commercial version. For businesses, we still hope that our users can continue to use it after good feedback.

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