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Comparison of three types of cloud server merchants with unlimited new customers' choice of cheap annual payment in Hong Kong

In contrast, the Hong Kong Cloud Server (VPS) has more choices for ordinary users. After all, the line and speed are similar to those of mainland computer rooms. Of course, this must be based on CN2 optimizing the line. In addition, the policy is slightly loose, and there is no need for filing at present. Of course, the content must be standardized and used formally. For traditional Alibaba Cloud or Tencent cloud service providers, although they also provide Hong Kong cloud servers, special offers are limited to new customers. Over the years, few of us have been qualified as new customers.

In this article, Lao Zuo plans to sort out three merchants who often see annual payment promotions for Hong Kong ECS in some promotional activities. Let's compare the characteristics and preferential activities of these service providers and consider them as an alternative if they feel appropriate.

1. Hengchuang ECS

Hengchuang Cloud Service Provider( Activity address )It is also a relatively old brand of Hong Kong cloud service provider, mainly engaged in cloud servers and independent servers in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Irregular promotional activities can see that merchants have no restrictions on new customers to choose the special annual payment of Hong Kong ECS. For example, the current New Year's activities include the 2G2M annual payment scheme Hong Kong ECS, which costs 298 yuan a year. This configuration is relatively high.

2. Warner ECS

In terms of time, Warner Cloud Service Provider( Activity address )Similar to the above Hengchuang cloud service providers, it also provides independent servers based on Hong Kong cloud servers and computer rooms in the United States and Singapore. In the event, Hong Kong ECS is also available every time. New and old customers are not restricted to get a special annual payment for Hong Kong ECS. We see that the annual payment of this special price Hong Kong ECS 2G2M optimized line is 378 yuan.

3. Youkede ECS

UCLOUD is a domestic cloud service provider, which should have been established for seven or eight years. It is a listed company on the science and technology innovation board. Through some small activities to attract users to buy new, new customers have some concessions, but the renewal is still expensive. Recently, businesses also have new lightweight servers and activities for offshore business. They see that there is no limit to the Hong Kong server package that must be new customers. In terms of configuration, it is lower than the above two companies. The AMD CPU and 2G1M bandwidth start with an annual payment of 361 yuan.

A simple comparison shows that among the above three service providers, Hengchuang and Warner Cloud service providers are Hong Kong service providers, and UCLOUD is a domestic service provider. In terms of configuration, the first two advantages are slightly greater, and the actual selection of test shall prevail.

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