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Where can I find a free ECS that is easy to use? These two service providers can recommend

Even though our living standards have improved and the cost of ECS VPS hosts has also decreased, some friends will still look for cheap, even free ECS and VPS hosts. First, we will test and experience the products of merchants, and continue to use them later. Second, we hope to reduce marketing costs by using cheap and free servers. In fact, foreign service providers do have server vendors that provide free experience. In this article, Mr. Jiang will also sort out several free VPS service providers and application characteristics.

1. Amazon ECS

Amazon Cloud Server is a relatively famous service provider in the circle. At present, there are two kinds of Amazon Cloud International Edition and Amazon Cloud China. The former supports individual and enterprise registration, while the latter currently only supports enterprise users who need to submit qualification certification.

Amazon Cloud International Edition( View here )There are more than 100 cloud service products. For new customers, there are free services, including one month, one year and forever. The ECS with 1G1 core is free for one year, and there are dozens of machine rooms to choose from. Registration is also very simple. There is no restriction for Chinese people to register, as long as they provide formal mobile phone number verification and credit card verification.

2. Oracle Cloud Server

Oracle Cloud is often called Oracle Cloud Server. There are also free ECS. Previously, friends who applied early should be able to apply for an ECS for a year or a long time, but now our domestic friends are strictly required to apply. It is mainly due to the abuse of registration by many friends, so our domestic friends should not be able to apply, unless we can register through overseas identity.

We can see that up to four ARM Ampere A1 Compute instances are provided, with 3000 OCPU hours and 18000 GB hours per month. If we apply, the free strength and stability are OK, but generally our domestic friends will not pass the review. If we are overseas, we can try.

2 provided from above Free overseas ECS , Amazon cloud application is relatively simple, Oracle cloud server application is difficult.

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