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Evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the current mainstream free and open source personal blog system and views on selection

We webmasters used to write our own programs when they were doing websites. Later, we used Sina Blog, Sohu Blog, etc. directly when we were doing blogs, which set off the era of national blogs. Later, independent blog websites began to emerge slowly. In the early years, ZBLOG ASP program was the most used program in China. At that time, WIN host was more used in China. Since then, we have basically chosen CMS programs to use blog programs for our personal websites.

This is also true today. Whether you are working on enterprise websites, foreign trade websites, personal websites, or even some content article systems, we also prefer free and open source Personal blog system The main reason is that this program is easy to use and provides comprehensive themes, plug-ins and documents. But each Personal blog system They still have their own advantages and disadvantages, which is not omnipotent.

Lao Zuo talks with everyone in this article Blog system Some mainstream products, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it is suitable for us, and sometimes it is really not suitable for us. We should choose the right one at the beginning, otherwise it will be very troublesome to upgrade and change in the future.

First, WordPress

According to the official statement of WordPress, their Open source blog system The market share is more than 30%, which means that more than 30% of websites use WP programs. We can see that most of the personal blogs in China and the themes and plug-ins provided by foreign websites use WP more frequently.


The reason why many of us choose WordPress is that it has rich themes and plug-ins, and its security is really high. Unlike many CMS programs that have not been updated for a long time, and users are worried about security, WP can do quite well in this regard. But there are also disadvantages. For those who are not familiar with WP programs, it really needs a period of time to be familiar with them. For example, downloading plug-ins and themes from the official platform is slow, and upgrading may fail.

Many of us know that the speed of WordPress big data will be very slow if it is not deeply optimized, and it will take up a lot of resources. All of us do complain about these problems.

Second, ZBLOG (PHP)

In the early years, when we set up personal blogs in China, 90% of them would use ZBLOG ASP programs, which were free in China at that time Open source blog system There were not many. At that time, there were many WIN hosts in China. Few people used LINUX hosts. At that time, domestic hosts were more expensive. Since ZBLOG did not transform and develop PHP version in time, it was forgotten for some time later.


At present, ZBLOG PHP continues to maintain, and Lao Zuo is also in their development group. In the near future, they will continue to update and release version 1.7, which is currently in the final internal stage. ZBLOG PHP has good speed and load. The disadvantage is that there are few applications, and many themes and plug-ins in the official application platform are available for payment.

As a stingy webmaster group, it is definitely not willing, so it is also because of this factor that ZBOLG users are not as many as before. But it is also used by many people.

Third, Typecho

The product that was once necessary to fight against the WP program is famous for its simplicity, but in recent years, it has been said that it would develop an application platform, and has not been launched yet. The functions are sufficient, but too many are too simple. For example, the editor and some functions cannot meet the needs of ordinary users, but they can be used for some logs, programmers, and other logs.

This Typecho program has been used by Laozuo before, and he also likes to do several themes when he is busy. However, there are not many users, and there has been no official response. But some good developers also develop themes and plug-ins from time to time. It's OK to write a diary essay, but there are not too many websites, especially big data.

Fourth, emlog

EMLOG program has been heard for a long time, and many netizens have suggested us to use it before. But I haven't installed it yet, but I have visited the official website several times to see if it still exists. Sometimes I see that the bottom copyright of some personal blog webmasters is EMLOG, and there are users.

Personally, I think the number of users is about the same as ZBLOG. After all, the domestic website environment is not good in recent years, and there are few people doing websites. Therefore, there is not much demand for programs, mainly focusing on whether there are more extension resources.

Fifth, light blog program

Light blogging programs, such as Ghost, Hexo, Halo, etc. We all like to call it a light blogging program, which is different from the program we mentioned above. This program belongs to geek enthusiasts, and it takes a lot of work to build. Of course, it may be very simple for them. However, it is troublesome for those who only want simple construction and focus on content.

Generally, it is not suitable for individual webmasters' requirements for content. After all, not all people can configure the environment, as well as GIT push articles, many of which are pushed out after localized editing. Usually we don't use it.

In conclusion, from the current mainstream market, if we set up a personal blog website, Lao Zuo suggested that we can choose WORDPRESS and ZBLOG PHP. It is limited to personal blogs and small content. If it is large data, I suggest to choose Zhimeng or Imperial CMS.

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