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Is it still suitable to use personal virtual host to build a website today? Habit or trend

Just now, a netizen was unable to debug a certain plug-in when using it on his website, and finally confirmed that it was because his host did not support a certain component. So I asked him to run a command to install the components. Finally, I told him that he was using a merchant's virtual host, which may not be supported by the merchant, and the merchant was unwilling to install. The merchant suggested that he buy an ECS and build it himself.

How many people still use it today Personal virtual host Build a station? Of course, there are. For example, Lao Zuo used more virtual hosts in many foreign trade websites. We can see that businesses such as Alibaba Cloud also provide independent virtual hosting services, and some overseas host companies also have related businesses. Let's talk about this today. Nowadays, we don't need to use a virtual host to build a website, especially our own.

First, capability requirements

We have many webmasters doing websites just as a personal hobby. For example, we see that a friend owns a website and wants to own one, so virtual hosting is really a good way when it is the most convenient and does not require much technical ability. After all, you don't need to configure and maintain yourself like a server.

If we want these users to use the server directly, it is really difficult. It seems that we think it is easy to install panels or programs with one click, but it may be really difficult for them.

II. Requirements

In the same way, some of us do websites just for fun, not for profit. So they use virtual hosts, even free virtual hosts are enough. For example, if your website traffic is sufficient for the virtual host to maintain, there is no need to use a server. If our website traffic is large in the future, we can also use the server upgrade.

Third, whether the weight is affected

This student mentioned that he saw an article that said using the server would rank well. In fact, this is not absolute. We did see this saying before, but we see that many foreign trade websites and overseas websites use virtual hosts and share IP addresses. Isn't it the same? In fact, it is the content that affects the website effect. The website host should be stable.

Fourth, compatibility

If similar to the above friend mentioned, if you use a software that is incompatible, you can choose other software to replace or not to use, if it really affects your own product to continue to use. It is recommended to use the server. After all, sometimes the configuration software of the server is looser than that of the virtual host. The latter is fixed by the host manufacturer and will not be customized for users.

nowadays Personal virtual host There are still users to build the website, so we can select and upgrade according to our actual needs.


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