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Say goodbye to summer - HawkHost Hawk host/cloud virtual host 30% discount

With the emergence of cloud server businesses in recent years and the continuous reduction of costs, more and more of our netizens may choose cloud servers to build their websites. Regardless of their own O&M technology, they feel like they are very low without ECS, which also leads to the collapse of most of the original good virtual hosting companies, and the mergers and acquisitions that have been acquired have also been stagnant. Hawkhost, for example, has been developing slowly and accumulating customers in this industry.

 Say goodbye to summer - HawkHost Hawk host/cloud virtual host 30% discount

At present, the Hawk host company also has several data centers. Although we see vacant houses in Hong Kong and Singapore, we definitely don't recommend choosing a detour on the line. Generally, we choose the Los Angeles machine room for building a website that is more suitable for foreign trade websites. Today, we can see that merchants have launched a farewell summer activity, and launched a 30% discount on virtual host and cloud virtual host. If we need virtual host products, we can look at them.

First, Hawk host business activities

Official website of Hawk host:

The deadline for the activity is Friday September 27th at 11:59PM CDT, about noon on the 28th Beijing time, and you can choose if you need.

Second Hawk host discount project

1. Shared Hosting

Discount code: summer2019

Preferential content: 30% discount for new purchase. Renewal is the original price. We recommend that you buy once for two years, which is about 150 yuan per year on average.

2. Cloud Hosting

Discount code: summer2019

Preferential content: It is also a 30% discount for new purchases. Compared with ordinary virtual hosts, the performance is better. I personally recommend choosing this one.

3. Reseller Hosting

Discount code: rsummer2019

Preferential content: In the early years, when we were working as a distribution host, we liked to buy packages, but now it is estimated that few people use them.

To sum up, the Hawk hosting company is one of the more stable old brands at present. Although the upcoming Black Friday activity, the activity intensity is similar to that of the current one. Lao Zuo is going to see if he has bought one. It seems that the one he has is about to expire in two years.

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