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Set up personal blog/personal website, choose mainland server or Hong Kong server

The mid year promotion of Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud that we saw this year is really not sincere. For example, we saw that the three-year package of Tencent Cloud Hong Kong servers only has 1G1M configuration. Of course, for most individual users, it is also enough to build a personal blog/personal website. However, many netizens do have large website projects, hoping to have the previous 3M and 5M bandwidth servers in Hong Kong. However, neither Alibaba Cloud nor Tencent Cloud has seen such a configuration this time.

 Set up personal blog/personal website, choose mainland server or Hong Kong server

At noon today, a netizen left a message on the public account (imweber) to mention that since the Hong Kong server has no large configuration, but there are many high configuration packages on the mainland server, you can choose to ask whether it is recommended to use it as a personal website. So in this article, Lao Zuo will discuss with you about whether personal websites choose mainland servers or Hong Kong servers.

First, speed factor

For the mainland servers and Hong Kong servers we see, the latter are generally CN2 optimized lines. There is no significant difference in speed. Of course, if we choose some non direct connection lines from overseas host companies, it must be relatively poor. Here we just compare the server rooms in mainland China with the direct connection lines in Hong Kong, China.

In terms of speed, if we build websites with similar configurations and bandwidth, the problem of speed is not serious. All are optional. Of course, considering the stability, it is estimated that the mainland server is better.

Second, policy factors

Many of our friends should know that if we choose a mainland server, we need our domain name BA or even access to the service provider to use it. If we don't have BA, we can't use the mainland server, but we can choose the Hong Kong server. If we feel that access is troublesome, we should choose the Hong Kong server. Of course, this premise is that we must use it regularly, not to mention that you can do any bad content on Hong Kong servers, which are not allowed.

Third, additional factors

If we only choose the server to build a website, there is no problem. But you should know that if we have BA and access to the service provider, our domain name has advantages. For example, we can use object storage, CDN acceleration and other tools, because these tools can only be used by our domain name access service provider, and domain names without BA cannot be used.

Therefore, if we need additional products, it is recommended to use the mainland server after BA.

In short, it is OK to choose Hong Kong server or mainland server in personal website construction. The premise is that we all need to use it regularly. If you find it troublesome, you can use the Hong Kong server. But we also need to pay attention that when you choose the mainland server, the content must also comply with the rules before you can access it. Otherwise, if you are later detected to be inconsistent with the content of your personal website, you may also need to make rectification. Of course, it would be better if you can register your enterprise qualification.

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