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DiyVM Hong Kong Shatian VPS/ECS upgrade to CN2 optimized line experience test

DiyVM is a domestic host company that provides cloud servers and independent servers in Shatian, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. This merchant is a relatively low-key service provider. There are not as many data centers as other merchants, and the price setting is not cheap. It has been eight or nine years since the establishment of such a stable business. Lao Zuo talked with his boss before, as if this host business is not the main business, just maintain a certain amount of regular customer maintenance.

At present, in the domestic host industry, the entry threshold is relatively simple. Anyone who wants to do it can basically launch a brand within three days, but the operation is not so easy. Previously, there were loss making promotions by Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and other businesses, and later there were some established domestic companies, personal service providers and their own marketing channels. The low price caters to the short-term market. It requires patience and capital endurance to accumulate reputation for a long time.

about DIYVM The product management of merchants is relatively strict, and no projects that occupy bandwidth resources for a long time or violate regulations are allowed. It seems that most domestic businesses, including those who want to operate for a long time, must do this, otherwise it is difficult to stabilize. See the upgrade of CN2 to optimize the line broadband, and prepare for the test. Remember that the previous test was last year or the year before last.

First, configuration scheme

It is really rare for businesses to provide data centers. There is only one Shatian computer room in Hong Kong, and Los Angeles computer room in the United States.

  • CPU: 2 core CPU
  • Memory: 2G DDR3 ECC
  • Hard disk: 50GB
  • Flow: unlimited
  • Port: 2Mbps
  • Schema: Xen
  • System: Windows/Linux
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: 69 yuan/month (purchase)
  • CPU: 4 core CPU
  • Memory: 4G DDR3 ECC
  • Hard disk: 60GB
  • Flow: unlimited
  • Port: 3Mbps
  • Schema: Xen
  • System: Windows/Linux
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: 100 yuan/month (purchase)

Lao Zuo compared with the previous article, the merchant should have adjusted the scheme. Previously, the minimum memory was 1GB, and the monthly payment was started at 50 yuan. Now it is 2GB FEB The monthly fee for the discount code is 69 yuan, followed by 4GB memory, which needs to be used OFF50 Half price discount for discount code. The product supports remote backup and custom image.

Second, DiyVM Hong Kong Shatian test IP

Test IP address: (Shatian, Hong Kong), (Los Angeles, USA)

In this article, Lao Zuo is going to test the 4GB memory solution of his home's computer room in Shatian, Hong Kong.

Third, DIYVM Hong Kong Shatian server test

1. Ping speed test

 DIYVM Hong Kong Shatian Server Test

2. Configuration Information

3. IO hard disk read-write

4. Download speed test

III. Summary

Lao Zuo checks in“ Performance, speed and stability evaluation record of DIYVM Hong Kong Shatian CN2 VPS host "It was tested in 2016, and the configuration and performance are better now. However, if we choose, we should remember that it is recommended to pay monthly for unfamiliar products, and they need to be used formally. Any business needs to use formally.

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