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Server installation LookingGlass test Ping/Mtr/Traceroute

We often see that overseas host vendors have provided the test IP address of the computer room, the file download speed measurement address, and a LookingGlass online test tool that can directly test Ping, Mtr, Traceroute, etc. from the predetermined node to the current IP address of the server. How can such tools be implemented? We also saw that some netizens also installed the LookingGlass tool on the test probe page.

Today Lao Zuo is going to install the LookingGlass tool in the current test server to see the specific functions and layout process. If there are users who need to struggle in the future, they can also install it, but it is not used for general purposes. Unless we really test a node server for users, it is generally not used for our own use.

First, layout the WEB environment

First, we need to work in the WEB environment, so we need to install the environment in the VPS/server and create the site. We can use anything we like, such as pagoda panel, LNMP, etc., as long as PHP is supported, because the LookingGlass script that will be used later is PHP script, and the PHP version is not too old. Here I use PHP 5.6.

Of course, we need to prepare a domain name resolution to the current server. After the site is created, we need to use this domain name to open it. Domain name resolution and binding are not included here. We learn the basic content by ourselves.

II. Downloading and deploying LookingGlass


Here we download the script, upload it to the corresponding website directory, unzip it, and move it to the root directory of the website.

Enter the "LookingGlass" directory, and then execute the compilation script.


 LookingGlass download and deployment

Then we set the content according to the actual situation of the server.

Here, Lao Zuo is just a simple demonstration test to see whether the script is complete. There is no actual setting. So most of them came back. After that, let's look at the actual interface. Open a website.

Third, online presentation of LookingGlass

It seems that the installation has been completed.

We can test several tests from this server node to the IP address of the specified node.

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