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Windows VPS Tutorial Series 10: Installing MSSQL and SP4 Patches Tutorial

Unconsciously, Lao Zuo's blog has reached the tenth chapter about the sharing of basic tutorials on Windows VPS. At present, we have been able to build ASP, ACCESS, PHP, and MYSQL database websites in our own configured environment. This morning, thinking about the shortcomings, it suddenly occurred to many webmasters that they need to use MSSQL database websites when using the WIN system host, and the number of users is also very large. Lao Zuo tried to use MSSQL on a CPS website before, but he didn't know how to configure it.

Today's article, mostly based on pictures, shares how to install MSSQL 2000 components and install SP4 patches. For the download of components, we can“ Install PHP environment+MYSQL+N-point panel "All the toolkits mentioned in the article are available. You can see them after unzipping them directly.

The first step is to install. After unzipping, you will see the SQL2000+SP4 folder. You need to install SQL2000 first.

 Tutorial of installing MSSQL and SP4 patches

Click "AUTORUN. EXE" to see the figure above, and then click "Install SQL Server 2000 Components".

Step 2: Install the database server.


The third step is step by step installation.


Select the local computer.


Create a new SQL instance.


The default user information is the same as installing other software.



Server and Client Tools is selected by default.



Select a custom path. You need to create a directory folder in our disk D to store SQL data.


Select Use Local System Account.


It is important here to enter the SA password.



Confirm that the port is 1433.



Prompt interface after installation. One thing to note is that when installing our system, you may need to prompt us to restart the system. We can restart it as needed. You can install SP4 only after installing SQL2000, and you need to restart it. The old left doesn't install SP4. Everyone installs it by themselves. It's very simple. It can be realized directly in the next step.

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