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Difference between Hong Kong CN2 line, Hong Kong BGP line and CN2 GIA line

When many of our friends chose Hong Kong hosts and servers, when they saw the Hong Kong computer room, they thought it was an optimized CN2 line with the same speed as the mainland. In fact, this is not the case. Even for Hong Kong computer rooms, the speed of winding is the same as that of American computer rooms, or even worse than that of American computer rooms. This is to say that the computer room in Hong Kong looks like a computer room, but different line speeds and suitable services are different.

Hong Kong CN2 GT Line

CN2 GT line is the Global Transit product of China Telecom's CN2 product line, which is characterized by a separate line for international exports, but 163 export lines are used for entering China. Before going abroad, the CN2 GT line usually goes to 202.97 (163 backbone network), and only after going abroad will it go to 59.43. The CN2 GIA line has gone to 59.43 since the domestic provincial network, and it still goes to 59.43 when going abroad.

Hong Kong CN2 line refers to the next generation bearer network line of telecommunications, abbreviated as CN2; At present, China Telecom has two CN1 and CN2 lines. The CN2 line is a high-quality Internet service of China Telecom, and CN2 itself is divided into GT and GIA levels, as well as one-way CN2 and two-way CN2. The CN2 GT belongs to the low level of CN2, with average performance in all aspects and higher cost performance than GIA.

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CN2 GIA belongs to the high level of CN2, and performs well in all aspects. The speed is the fastest and most stable on both the speed and overseas routes, and the price is higher than GT. The one-way CN2 goes through the CN2 line, the return route is an ordinary telecommunications line, and the two-way CN2 goes back and forth through the CN2 line. Therefore, unidirectional CN2 is slightly slower than bidirectional CN2 in terms of speed.

Hong Kong BGP Line

The BGP line in Hong Kong refers to the access to China Unicom, Telecom, Mobile, NTT, PCCW and other international ISP network operators in the computer room in Hong Kong, and the mutual communication between the major networks is achieved through the BGP protocol. At present, the BGP line is commonly used in the computer room in Hong Kong, The advantage of BGP line is that network access from all over the country will automatically match the most unobstructed network line to reach the computer room in Hong Kong at the fastest speed. BGP line solves the problem of interconnection of domestic network lines, and at the same time, it can choose the best path among multiple international lines, so that Hong Kong servers have more stable and fast access speed around the world.

CN2 lines are mainly for mainland China to visit Hong Kong and overseas servers. They are dedicated lines for visiting foreign countries, and their performance is much better than most lines now. The BGP Hong Kong server is a converged multi network, as opposed to a single line server. Single line servers are not designed with BGP lines, and the speed of access is different in different parts of the country. For example, Netcom network is widely used in northeast China, while telecom network is used in western China. Since there is no interconnection between major network operators, there will be an interaction time between the two lines during line transmission, so the speed will be very slow; BGP is to solve the interconnection between major network operators, and will automatically select the most unobstructed and fastest line.

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