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Ols1clk One button quick installation OpenLiteSpeed script can synchronously install WordPress program

Ols1clk, one click quick installation OpenLiteSpeed The script program comes from the familiar LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed web engine official, which can quickly install and configure the OpenLiteSpeed basic environment. Currently, it is supported in Centos (5-7), Debian (7-9) and Ubuntu (12, 14, 16) releases, and can also be quickly configured to install WordPress programs/sites, and PHP7 can be installed.

Introduction to ols1clk script( )It can be seen that basic play is still OK, but in fact, it may not be so easy for novice website users. After all, no matter when we use the Web panel or the one button package, the visual operation interface is relatively familiar and customary. Although LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed are actually panels, However, the documents and applications in this area are not wide enough for beginners.

Lao Zuo is going to experience the installation of ols1clk one click script and common settings in this article, including the deployment of the WP site introduced by him. For the deployment and addition of other sites, you can set them in the panel after installing OpenLiteSpeed later.

First, one click deployment of ols1clk script installation

wget --no-check-certificate

According to the official documents, if PHP 5.6 is installed by default, and PHP 7 needs to be installed, the following parameters can be used.

bash --lsphp 70

For example, there are other versions, including 54, 55, 56, and 70.

 One click deployment ols1clk script installation

Here you can see the randomly generated OpenLiteSpeed panel password. Remember that you need to use it to log in to the panel in the future. Then enter Y and press Enter to install automatically.

 OpenLiteSpeed Quick Installation Complete

2. Common parameters of ols1clk one key script

1. -- adminpassword (- a) [PASSWORD]: Set the password of the panel. If not set, it will be random
2. -- email (- e) EMAIL: set administrator mailbox
3. -- lsphp VERSION: supports PHP versions 54, 55, 56, and 70
4. -- wordpress (- w): Install WP
5. -- wordpressplus SITEDOMAIN: set the WP domain name
6. -- wordpresspath WORDPRESSPATH: Set the WP installation path
7. -- dbrootpassword (- r) [PASSWORD]: Set the administrator database password
8. -- dbname DATABASENAME: Set database user password
9. -- dbuser DBUSERNAME: Set the database user name
10. -- dbpassword [PASSWORD]: Set the database password
11. -- wpuser WORDPRESSUSER: set the WP administrator user name
12. -- wppassword [PASSWORD]: Set WP administrator password
13. -- wplan WORDPRESSLANGUAGE: set WP language, zh_ CN means Chinese, default English
14. -- sitetitle WORDPRESSSITTETITLE: Set the WP website title, which can be changed later
15. -- uninstall: Uninstall OpenLiteSpeed and remove files

Third, use ols1clk to quickly deploy WordPress

bash  -a 123456 -r 123456  -e --Sitetitle My site title -- wplan zh_ CN --wpuser user111 --wppassword password111 --wordpressplus

If you need to quickly install the WP program, you can directly modify the set password, bound domain name, etc. according to the above command line to quickly install it.

 Quickly deploy WordPress with ols1clk

Check the information, and then enter Y to quickly install the WP program site.

 Ols1clk One button quick installation OpenLiteSpeed script can synchronously install WordPress program

After installation, we open the bound domain name (provided that it is resolved), and you can see the installed WP site.

IV. Summary of ols1clk one click script

1. This script is still available to users who need to use OpenLiteSpeed. After all, it is faster to install and has been shared before by Lao Zuo“ CentOS 7 Installing OpenLiteSpeed Server Web Applications and Configuring PHP 7 "It's a lot easier.

2. For ordinary users, especially those who do not adapt to and like such tedious parameter configuration, it is not as convenient as the LNMP script we are used to.

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